10 Steps on How I Solved My Rubix Cube

10 Steps on How I Solved My Rubix Cube

Solving the Rubik’s Cube seems like an insurmountable feat if you don’t know how to do it, but with these simple steps I was able to solve my cube in less than 20 minutes! In order to master this puzzle, you need to develop a good strategy and understand the puzzle inside out. The basic concept behind the Rubik’s Cube has been around since 1974 but despite this, only a few people know how to solve it – most of them aren’t even aware that they know how! Here are my 10 steps on how I solved my Rubix Cube.

 Scramble the Cube

Find the blue face of the Rubix cube, which is across from the yellow center and towards the back of the cube. This is a 1-A side. Take that corner, and insert it into one of the four grooves so that its colors match with the colors in each groove (notice how red and orange are mirrored, blue and green are opposite each other). All corners should fit perfectly into a groove when turned to 1-A side as well as 1-B.

Look for Corner Pieces

My steps to solving my rubix cube: Find the corners. Find the edge pieces.  Put together two of three edge pieces to make a face.  Once you have two edges and one corner, place them in the right spot to form a right angle (a 90 degree turn). 5) Match up colors with colors or use your logic skills to put it together.

Look for Edge Pieces

The best way to solve a rubix cube is to look for the edge pieces. Once you have them solved, work your way around the cube and solve each piece until you get to the last layer. The last layer should be solved from left-to-right and top-to-bottom.

 Put the Edge Pieces in Their Correct Spots

 Place the white center piece in the middle of your cube.  Place the three edge pieces that are next to it (in any order you want) so that each of their tabs pops out. Now, place the remaining three edge pieces so that each of their tabs is also popped out. Next, make sure all six edge pieces are connected to their corresponding centers by matching up two opposite corners.

 Pair Up the Remaining Edge Pieces

This is a step-by-step guide to solve your rubik’s cube.  Match the edges of one side so that they are all in order with each other. Make sure that you have matched up the corners so they are in the right positions as well (meaning, there should be four white edges and six colored edges). Turn your cube over onto another side and make sure that this side has been solved as well.

 Finish the First Layer

Choose the right size rubix cube. When you are holding a rubix cube, it should be large enough to cover your whole hand and comfortably fit in one palm. If you choose a rubix cube that is too small, then your fingers might be cramping by the time you complete this puzzle!

 Start Working on the Second Layer

It took a little while to figure out that the way to solve the second layer of a rubix cube is by first solving the top three layers, but once you know that it’s not too bad. The key is figuring out which pieces go where, and then putting them in those spots. Once you have the colors right at the top, it gets easier and easier to solve.

Create the Cross

Rubix Cubes are one of the most challenging puzzles, but with the right strategy you can solve it in just a few minutes! Follow these 10 steps to solve your rubix cube:

 Get Started With The Yellow Facelets: The yellow facelets are the easiest to start with because they only have one color. Start by twisting the yellow facelet around until it is positioned next to an edge.

 Finish the Second Layer

Ok, so now you have the edges done, and it’s time to start working on the middle layer. This is usually the most difficult part of a Rubix cube to solve, but not for me. All you need to do is take your yellow face and turn it so that the left edge matches up with the right edge. Then take your white face and turn it so that the top edge matches up with the bottom edge. Do this for every other corner of your second layer too!

 Finish the Third Layer

This is one of the most difficult layers because it has to be solved with the two white edges in place. The first step is to find the corner piece that matches up with the two white edges. Once you have this piece, solve it in any way possible. The next step is to get your cube back into a square shape and then rotate it so that the second edge of your white side faces the correct way.

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