10 Tips for Travelling Safely As a Female Digital Nomad

10 Tips for Travelling Safely As a Female Digital Nomad

Every woman may travel safely. They do their online work as they may likely move around a lot from place to place. Travelling can be fun when done with friends and family, but travelling for work has another kind of thrill. And if you are female entrepreneur then it makes remote work all the more important. As women tends to require more safety and precautions than men.

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Who Are Digital Nomads?

They may be freelancers, photographers or online workers working remotely for a company. Women may work for their children as their husband or brother may be unsupportive or has low income. So, women may travel for online work, like attending seminars worldwide for a better job, taking pictures to upload on blogs, or selling it to media networks. Online working means something other than sitting in front of the computer and start working. Still, internet trends are changing rapidly, so moving with new ideas is necessary. You may travel to new places and meet new people to work efficiently.

What work does a woman do as a female digital nomad?

Working from home is the best tool for women as they care for children while doing work. So, they may not face outside problems. They may take pictures from a camera and edit them using Adobe Photoshop to sell them online. They may travel with their laptop as their family may be relocating the place of living or for their son/daughter’s health. Working from home is the best tool for women. 

Travel with some who you know better:

You may travel with your family, son, husband or father as they may help you in difficult times. And you can also stay in your relatives’ homes instead of hotels as they may be unsafe. Man is a symbol of power, so it may be better to travel with your life partner instead of travelling alone. Although according to Forbes, short-term travelling of women may be safe.

Research before you travel:

You may take out the top safest countries for women and travel there. It may likely to search on the internet but on ground realities may be different. So, enquire with the people who travel before to understand better. Understand the location through google maps and pictures of that area. It may be better to take photos of mountains and landscapes but keep in mind your safety first.

Travel with proper planning:

You may love to travel but make a proper plan. First, create a budget, then plan your hotel, aeroplane, bus and train tickets. You may also plan estimated timings with a backup plan. Finally, you may make a timetable to follow your travelling plan: where to live, how many days and how much time.

Travel at a safe place:

You may travel where women feel safe with better law and order situations. You may be better off if you avoid travelling at night or to a place with less crowd. Search up places where women are in the majority, like a girls’ hostel. The Middle East and some part of Europe is safe for women. Although south and eastern Asian countries may be unsafe for women, generally speaking. 

Travel while dressing modestly:

You may travel while covering yourself by dressing modestly. You may wear oversized full-sleeve clothes. It may be better to use something other than attractive colours. It may not be advised to wear fitted clothes. You may wear traditional clothes as well as hoodies and jackets to hide from the evil eyes of men. 

Travel in daylight:

The night may be dangerous for women. Therefore, it may be better to travel in the daytime. You will complete your work before evening and return before the sun set. You may travel in urban areas as they may be safe comparatively.

Travel with knowledge:

You may love to travel with the language of the area you are going to visit. You may love to make a trip, but due to language barriers, you may need help. You may also low the norms, traditions and dressing of the area. Wear traditional clothing on the site you are residing. You may know how to repair your smartphone, laptop or camera if it is trouble shouting.

Travel with most needed items:

You may list things you may carry with you, like a laptop, camera, & bag. Taking emergency aid equipment like bandages, injections, or medicines may be better. Also make sure to carry power backups like batteries to instant change during work. Remember to take a water bottle with you to drink water. You may take an electric charger and screwdrivers to repair it if your laptop is not working. 

Travel with precautions:

You may carry your phone with emergency numbers in it. It may be better to refrain from talking freely with strangers. You may not go to lunch or dinner with an unknown person. While you travel, you may not eat something from strangers. You may use public transport instead of a taxi cab. Take care of your passport and important documents while you travel.

Always do this while travelling alone:

You may stay in the girls’ hostel as they are cheap and safe. If some are left, you may contact students personally or be adjusted with the students. Although you may have to share a room full of students with sharing washroom and canteen. It may be advised not to use apps for hostel booking as they may be unauthorized. You may travel off-season to avoid the crowd.


Women may travel for online work, but it’s our responsibility to respect women. How do we if our sister/ daughter will travel unsaved? Respect women as they are the nation’s building block because they care for our children.


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