5 Car-Cleaning Tips to Get Your Ride Spring-Ready

5 Car-Cleaning Tips to Get Your Ride Spring-Ready

With spring officially on the horizon, you’ll be getting ready to haul out the cleaning supplies and tackle all those indoor jobs you didn’t get to during the cold winter months. But don’t forget that your car needs some attention, too. A spring cleaning of your car will get it in tip-top shape so you can cruise in style all season long. Here are some car-cleaning tips that will help you create a spotless interior and exterior this season.

1) Choose the right time of day

The best time to clean the inside of your car is in the morning, before it’s been driven or exposed to dirt and grime. This way, you’ll have a clean start and end of the day.

If you’re not able to get up early enough, or if you don’t want to do it first thing in the morning, choose an evening window when you can devote a few hours without interruption.

It’s also important that your car be completely cool before cleaning it. Leave it out in the sun for at least 30 minutes before giving it a good scrubbing inside and out. You can use our Bilvask products (link) for this!

When cleaning your car, make sure all parts are dry before putting anything back inside.

2) Gather your supplies

1. Grab a bucket, some rags and Bilvask car shampoo (or your favorite car shampoo). 2. Fill the bucket with warm water. 3. Pour in a capful of Bilvask or your preferred car shampoo and lather up the rags with it. 4. Wipe down all the exterior surfaces of the vehicle, including the tires, bumpers and windows with a soapy rag. 5. Let everything sit for 10 minutes while you take care of other tasks around the house, then rinse off with clean water and dry off with a cloth towel or chamois leather until it’s sparkling clean! 6. Optional: Steamgrønt is an eco-friendly way to remove dirt from your ride!

3) Focus on one area at a time

Start with the outside of the car and use a pressure washer on the roof, rear window, and wheel wells. It will take some time, but it is worth it. Next, focus on inside the car by vacuuming all of your mats. If you have leather seats in your car, then steam clean them so they can be protected from stains during those inevitable winter months ahead. The final step is to use a product that kills bacteria such as Steamgrønt which will deodorize your upholstery and leave it smelling fresh and clean!

4) Protect your paint

For some of us, spring is a time for renewal and reenergizing. One way to do this is with a deep clean of your home or office. But what about your car? That’s right—it’s time for a deep clean too! Here are five tips to get your ride ready for the warmer months ahead:

1) Give it a quick wash with mild soap and water. This will remove any winter grime and make it look (and smell!) fresh again. 2) Use Steamgrønt every chance you get. This biodegradable cleaner not only removes buildup, but also leaves behind a pleasant scent.

5) Don’t forget the inside

1. Vacuum the carpets and floor mats: It’s not an overstatement to say that people spend a majority of their time inside their car. If you want your car to be fresh, clean it from top to bottom with an upholstery brush and vacuum cleaner.

2. Clean the dashboard: The dashboard can get quite dirty due to dust, dirt and fingerprints. Use a damp cloth or sponge with detergent, then wipe off any remaining residue with a dry cloth or paper towel.

3. Clean the windows: Wipe down all windows, including the windshield and side mirrors, using window cleaner; this will make your car look extra shiny on a sunny day!

4. Remove trash from the backseat: When was the last time you cleaned out your backseat?

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