7 Best Ways To Market Your Art Online

7 Best Ways To Market Your Art Online

You have spent hours and hours working hard in your studio, creating art, and now it’s time to sell it for true value. How to sell it? In recent times the marketplace has buzzed into fierce competition and presented more challenges. Artists are adopting various tactics to market their artwork to the public and spending more on art marketing budgets. 

Yet! There are many methods in which you can promote your artwork for free. You can take full advantage of some open marketing opportunities using creative methods to market the artwork online. Here are the 7 best ways to sell your art online. 

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  1. Establish Your Credibility 

The first and foremost rule of selling is to establish a credible trust with your customer. In-person, you can create as many real human connections you want. When it comes to online, it is an entirely different story. Today anyone can make web pages, with so many fraudulent stories moving around the world why anyone should believe your site to be credible. 

Yeah, it indeed takes time to form a solid trust when you pursue the potential customer to buy the art. The most reliable way to establish trust is to be transparent on how to be an artist ,your profile, and be a professional. Give your customer a chance to experience and understand you clearly. 

  1. Socialize More 

Socializing more might be the key to successful marketing for your artwork. Take your art to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest or on any platform. But whichever platforms you choose, remember to do well on them honestly. Reply to your followers’ comments, DMs, and mention that you appreciate them. Support other artists and artworks, follow them and encourage them as it creates an excellent positive network between potential customers. 

The Brightside is you can make plenty of friends and establish a good foundation for your art. Post your stuff regularly and too much that it looks like spam. Let the platform speak your art rather than your personal stuff.   

  1. Start an Art Blog 

Starting an artist blog is a great way to promote your personal brand and artwork and offer customer service. A blog will let you connect with your potential customer and be an excellent gateway to your website. You might have a great website, but what is the use if people don’t know something like this exists. That is why you need to have an art blog.

Let your blog speak about your passion for art; sometimes, the blog doesn’t necessarily mean all about you. Make blogs for your customer, talk about them, and educate them about yourself. Write about what people search about artists and their stuff on Google so that they can find you. 

  1. Take Your Work to YouTube 

YouTube is a great platform to embed your work inside your blog and website altogether. Make videos geared to your audience; for example, you can teach them to master a specific niche like water-color painting or acrylic paintings. Uploading videos to educate someone will always benefit you. It is a great way to communicate with your potential audience. 

You can also vlog about how you create your art or what inspires you and who are your ideals. There are thousands of techniques you can use to promote art. Find what suits your personality and, of course, the art. 

  1. Find Online Galleries to Display Your Art 

Creating a presence on online galleries is another excellent way to promote your artwork. There are thousands of art galleries to choose from, the bigger ones and smaller ones. You can select a gallery depending on your budget, the type of artwork you want to promote or showcase the artwork on multiple galleries. 

Take Help of SEO 

Learn about SEO – search engine optimization. Use keywords on your website, and blogs that search engines like Google or Safari can find you. A right keyword optimized website can bring a potential visitor to you. The keywords for SEO help searchers connect to your website; it is a vast topic you can learn about if you want to market your artwork. 

  1. Stick To Your Brand Story 

It is essential to stick to the original ethos of your artwork. There is too much negativity and unpleasantness when it comes to promoting your work. Don’t pay much attention to such elements of the marketing world. Being positive and patient will create a successful fan or customer base for you. Celebrate any personal achievements and success that comes to your way, no matter how small. Try not to spread hate or talk negatively about other elements, just stick to your story. 

Bottom-line, It will surely take some time to create your presence online, but it will be worthy of all the energy you spend. Always stay updated on your online platforms. You need to keep interacting with the world to let them know your art exists and is all the worth to put a price tag on. Keep on sharing your creative process and keep hustling. 

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