7 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Living Room

7 Tips for Designing a Beautiful Living Room

A perfect living room is what we all desire to create because between entertaining guests and binge-watching our favorite web series we spend a lot of time in this space. So it’s needless to say the living room should have the right mix of comfort, style, and utility. Decorating the living room can make you feel stressed if you don’t know where to begin from. So let us help take out this stress by sharing the top 7 living room designing tips that can help you give your living room a breath of fresh air.

1. Get Right Furniture-

 This is the most important element of any living space. Many of us live with the notion that the more number furniture pieces, the better the living room look. On the contrary, it’s the furniture design that has a bigger impact on the overall look of the living room. So if you are moving into a new house, purchase the furniture with a modern sleek look and clean lines. because that’s what is trending these days. Create enough walkways for your guests while placing the furniture.

2. Decide a Single Focal Point-

Focal point in a living room is nothing but something that the visitors will notice first they enter the room. Decide strategically what would you like to make the focal point of the living room, is it a big artwork, or a large mirror on the wall, or sofa sets with quirky fabric print? Don’t overdo the ornamentation, it will make the room look confusing and cluttered.

3.  Pick Your Colors-

The color of the walls is the key feature to make your living room look well decorated. If you are a fan of a black and white theme for your living room, make sure to add a colorful rug or throws to avoid making it look dull. Choose bold colors in red, orange, blue, purple for your living room, these colors instantly give your living room a colorful twist. 

4. Create an Accent Wall- 

The best way to make your living room stand out is to break the flat tone of the walls by creating an accent wall. Choose a contrasting wall paint for this wall, for example, if your walls are in beige, color this accent wall in a burnt orange for a streak of bright color.

5. Pay Attention to the Curtains-

The most budget-friendly way to renovate your living room is to change your window curtains! You can switch to satin or velvet curtains to create a luxurious look in the living room.

6. Lighting in the Room-

Add adequate lighting to the living room to make it look welcoming. Try and layer the lighting so that every part of your living room is illuminated. Focus lights, sconces, hanging lights, ceiling lights, you have plenty of options available, choose based on your décor theme.

7. Cover the Floor-

Rugs of varied material and patterns are in total rage these days. Cover your entire living room with wall-to-wall carpet in a vibrant color is a great way to create comfortable flooring and change the look of your living room.

Creating the right balance of colors, the texture is what will help you get a beautifully finished living room.


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