9 Top-Rated Things to Do in Bakersfield, CA

9 Top-Rated Things to Do in Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield is situated in Kern County at the southern finish of California’s Central Valley. It’s a city based upon a rich history of oil, horticulture, and down-home music. A lot of this set of experiences consolidates with present-day attractions today, including an arising workmanship and culture scene energized by an inventive local area. This and rich social history makes Bakersfield The Country Music Capital of the West Coast.

The soundtrack for visiting would need to be the Bakersfield Sound, a sub-classification of down-home music promoted during the 50s and 60s by nearby performers like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. Guests today experience the Bakersfield Sound at places like Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace and the Kern County Museum, where guests stroll through Merle Haggard’s life as a youngster home.

Bakersfield is likewise a door to nature. The powerful Kern River goes directly through the city, resembled by the person on foot just Kern River Parkway Trail. This cleared way associates other grand open spaces in the city, offering outside pleasure for the ordinarily bright figure of the district.

For additional thoughts on the most ideal getaway spots, read our rundown of the top activities in Bakersfield.

1. Hart Memorial Park

Hart Memorial Park is the crown-gem open space of Bakersfield. It’s settled along the banks of the Kern River in the lower regions of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, roughly a 20-minute drive upper east of town. Furthermore, among its 370 sections of land are multiple ways of going through the day.

Outdoor tables, jungle gyms, and cleared strolling trails accentuate the whole park. It’s additionally home to two fishing lakes loaded with rainbow trout, bluegill, and bass. What’s more, the whole park is specked with concealing thanks to various mature trees all through. Thus, the recreation area is frequently overflowing with climbers, family picnickers, and fishermen hoping to land something.

Hart Memorial Park is likewise famous for circle golfers. The recreation area has two circle greens twisting all through the various landscapes. A somewhat level 18-opening course explores the finished yards close to the waterway. The other course, known as Shark Tooth Mountain Disk Golf Course, is a difficult 18-hole exploring the mountainsides.

Hart Memorial Park is essential for a lot bigger Kern River County Park. This enormous district park additionally incorporates regional attractions like the close by California Area Living Museum (CALM) and Lake Ming. It’s likewise home to a bigger provincial soccer complex.

2. Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace is a music scene, eatery, and exhibition hall across the board. It’s one of the city’s most famous vacation spots and is devoted to keeping the Bakersfield Sound perfectly healthy.

The Crystal Palace is maybe most popular for its contemporary and exemplary country western shows and moving. The setup generally incorporates numerous entertainers every week. Carry western wear to these well-known week-after-week occasions. For supper and a show, the Crystal Palace menu goes from hors d’oeuvre opening demonstrations to fundamental stage courses.

The on-location Buck Owens Museum is likewise an independent motivation to visit. It highlights memorabilia and interpretive data about the neighbourhood artist’s profession, as well as the general ascent of country western music in the United States. For more knowledge about the Bakersfield Sound, the Kern County Museum incorporates an exceptional display enumerating the melodic peculiarities.

3. Kern County Museum

The Kern County Museum is a family’s most loved instructive experience only north of downtown. It drenches guests into the celebrated history of Kern County with costumed characters and very much safeguarded curios and structures.

North of 60 noteworthy designs includes the exhibition hall’s outside Pioneer Village, a living-history gallery traversing more than 16 sections of land. These structures range from railcar prison cells to homesteading lodges and convenience stores. A considerable lot of these structures are just seen from an external perspective, while others highlight plexiglass windows to look inside.

Inside the town, an indoor intelligent display gives knowledge into the city’s oil history, exhibiting how dark gold prodded advancement in Kern County. Likewise on location is the Lori Brock Children’s Discovery Center, mixing science training with active learning.

Buck Owens is on full showcase at the gallery and the “Bakersfield Sound” display features a considerable lot of persuasive performers who fostered their voice in Bakersfield. Guests can look into the neighbourhood legend, Merle Haggard, through the display, as well as at the Haggard House on the historical center’s grounds-the first home where Merle was brought up.

4. Downtown Bakersfield

Make a beeline for downtown for the densest taste of Bakersfield culture. This enormous midtown region lines Chester Avenue, and ranges east and west a few city blocks. Here, many eateries coax with neighbourhood menus and hip retail facades. This is additionally the spot to visit in Bakersfield for shopping, whether for the most stylish trend patterns or uncommon collectables.

A couple of prominent midtown foodie spots incorporate The 18hundred and Locale Farm to Table Eatery. Other neighbourhood top choices incorporate the Woolworth Diner and the Padre Hotel. Furthermore, for a tasteful night out or festivity supper, go to the Horse in the Alley rare steakhouse, housed in perhaps of the most seasoned midtown building, dating to the 1890s.

Shopping can undoubtedly require up the whole day in midtown. The region is home to nearby stores with present-day styles, yet the region is maybe most popular for its collectables area. A few of these antique purveyors are somewhere in the range of nineteenth and twentieth roads off Chester Avenue. Here, places like nineteenth Street Antique Mall and Merry Go Round Antique Mall house intriguing fortunes ready to be found.

5. Fox Theater

Opened on Christmas day in 1930, the Fox Theater is a verifiable setting in Bakersfield known for its lavish inside and magnificent acoustics. It was initially a quiet film house and in the end, displaying a portion of the first “talkies” to stir things up around town. Today, unrecorded music exhibitions assume control over the stage at the Fox Theater, adding an incredible soundtrack to partake in the beautifying inside.

This design treasure barely stayed away from the destroying ball all through the 1980s. It was saved by local area endeavours, and the Fox Theater Foundation shaped and once again developed the scene in 1994.

6. The Park at Riverwalk

The Kern River Parkway Trail associates with The Park at Riverwalk, southwest of downtown. This enchanting city park highlights two duck-loaded lakes associated with a grand cobblestone rivulet that flows the water. The stream associating the lakes wanders all through the remainder of the 32-section of the land park, with grand footbridge intersections all through.

The two associated lakes are well known for fishing, with bass, carp, and crappie got all year. The recreation area is likewise a famous spot for family picnics and relaxed walks, and the space tends to truly sparkle come nightfall.

Inside the recreation area, the Dignity Health Amphitheater is perhaps the biggest open-air setting in the region, facilitating unrecorded live performances and occasions consistently. This marvellous outside scene regularly puts on shows with thousands in participation.

7. Kern River Parkway Trail

The Kern River Parkway Trail is a non-mechanized walker course that follows the banks of the picturesque Kern River all through the whole city. It’s a free and fun method for going through the day and interfaces numerous normal spaces and outside attractions. A couple of parks along the course incorporate Panorama Park, Beach Park, and The Park at Riverwalk.

This beautiful hallway is famous for carriages, sprinters, and cyclists. The Kern River itself is a spillover from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Frequently, it’s totally dry when it arrives in the city. In any case, this bone-dry environment offers vegetation close to the path and a lovely course to follow.

8. California Living Museum (CALM)

The California Living Museum (CALM) is essential for the bigger Kern River County Park upper east of downtown, close to Hart Memorial Park. It gives a home to harmed and non-releasable California local creatures and is certified by the Zoological Association of America.

Quiet endeavours to interface the local area to nearby fauna through training, motivation, and active experience. Creatures under the consideration of CALM incorporate wild bears, bighorn sheep, and different birds.

Likewise, inside Kern River County Park and a short drive from CALM, Lake Ming offers more picturesque allure and a camping area to go through the evening. Outdoor tables and shade spots line this man-made sporting lake, ideal for fishing or eating an excursion close to the shore. The Kern River Campground is on lake street and permits guests to go through the night in a tent or RV with neighbouring flushing latrines and showers.

9. Bakersfield Museum of Art

The Bakersfield Museum of Art (BMoA) was laid out in 1956 and has given a window into the imaginative Kern County people group for almost 60 years. The gallery’s super durable assortment contains twentieth-century California specialists. BMoA routinely pivots this assortment all through show and elements visiting public displays, guaranteeing a new thing to see with each visit.

The best-addressed mediums at BMoA incorporate artistic creations, figures, and photography. Roughly three exhibitions contain the backbone of work in plain view, as well as a flawlessly lit entryway. The gallery likewise includes the outside Tejon Ranch Sculpture Park, where partaking in the workmanship in bright weather is lovely. The historical center fills its occasion schedule consistently. A couple of famous exercises incorporate Yoga at the Museum and First Fridays Free Admission. Instructive projects for youngsters and grown-ups additionally happen consistently.


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