Al Copywriting

Al Copywriting

What is copywriting?

It is the act of writing a copy. Write something actually.

That’s it that’s all.

In reality, copy-writing is in a way the most successful version of the positioning of a content writer.

A marketing concept a bit like the 21st century has the secret:

Artificial Intelligence = Outsourced to India

Big data = we have a very large Excel spreadsheet

AI Copywriter = write a text, but good if possible

Behind the abuse of the marketing concept, the idea behind copywriting is that there are two ways to write content for your business: The encyclopedic way and the correct one.

In the age of king content and in a saturated competitive landscape your only chance to succeed is to create engaging content that will bond with your audience, arouse emotions, and take them into action. The action that you will of course have chosen.

Why be interested in copywriting?

Many voices are raised to tell whoever wants to hear it that the web is saturated, that we see too much content and that it no longer works. The reality is different. Content has always been at the heart of our civilization, competition and the quantity of content are only constraints that will force you, in order to succeed, to create highly differentiating content that is more effective than that of your competitors.

Using copywriting, writing well in fact is essential for the success of your marketing strategies, in particular for:

The design of the sales pages

Advertising copywriting

Attract attention on social media

The content marketing (blog items, lead magnet, etc.)

Your website

Your marketing automation messages

But it is also a powerful tool for your sales representatives, in particular for:

Generate interest in prospecting messages

Create envy with an effective business proposition to sell your product or service

Attract potential customers with social selling

In short, if you want your business to grow and earn money, working on your writing is a good idea.

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