Brief Guide on Australian Visa Types that One Should Know

Brief Guide on Australian Visa Types that One Should Know

Australia is a place where thousands of people visit every year from around the world. The purpose of visiting Australia may differ, such as business trips, sightseeing, study or work, but to enter Australia, everybody needs a visa (few countries are exempted).

Visa is a document that permits an individual to enter and live in Australia for a specified time. So, if you are planning to visit, work or study in Australia, you must apply for an Australian visa. There are various types of visas depending upon the people’s needs; so before applying for a visa, you need to find the right visa category.

A visa application can be made online or offline (visiting the visa application centre) but the online mode is hassle-free and convenient, so most of the time people choose the online application mode of visa application. If you find any issue in visa application, you can contact registered migration agents for visa application.

Types of Australia Visa

The immigration system of Australia is complex, and a little bit challenging to know everything properly, but if you want to enter and live in Australia, you should know the basics of visas such as visa types, the application process, the need for documents to apply for a visa and so on. So here I have compiled a list of a few essential visa types that one can apply for.

Study Visa

Australia is among the top destinations for international students because of its high-quality education, wide range of courses and world-class institutions. Any international student who wants to study in Australia can apply for a student visa subclass 500.

Work Visas

A work visa is a permit that allows an individual to work in Australia with specific conditions for a definite duration depending upon the type of work visa. Work visa is categorised into two types: skilled migration visa & sponsored/nominated work visa.

One who has qualifications required by the Australian labour market can apply for a skilled migration visa, and for sponsored/nominated work visa one should be nominated by the Australian employer,

Working Holiday Visa

The working holiday visa is a popular choice among youngsters looking to travel overseas and gain valuable experience. There are certain conditions to applying for this visa. The major one is that an applicant’s age must be between 18 and 30 years. A working holiday visa allows an individual to spend a year working in Australia and can be extended for two years if he/she meets the eligibility criteria.

Family Visa

Under family visas, there are various visas included, such as parent visas, adoption visas, orphan relative visas, carer visas, partner visas, etc. Each visa type has different criteria and you need to fulfill the criteria to apply for any of the visas. Exact and updated information can be checked at the Australian Govt. official website or one can contact registered MARA agents.

Partner Visa

Partner visas allow partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents to enter Australia if they accompany them. To apply for a partner visa, partners must have a job offer and proof of financial means to support themselves.

Business Visa

Business Visa allows an individual to attend business meetings and conferences of the company’s branch or clients. The applicant may involve in any other business activities such as managing or reviewing business activities, contracts and so on. This visa is valid for three months to twelve months depending upon the reason you mention while applying for a business visa.


These are the most popular categories in which people generally seek to apply for an Australian visa. So you can choose any of the visa categories depending upon the need. If you find any difficulty in choosing the visa type, you can consult a registered migration agent, i.e., MARA agents for Australia.


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