Care for Medical Students and as doctors, they will care for you – Donate for medical students

Care for Medical Students and as doctors, they will care for you – Donate for medical students

Doctors are those individuals of the society who wear the mantle of ensuring that people live a healthy life, and their quality of life does not suffer. Society cannot afford to move forward or achieve greatness without the support of doctors as money can buy everything but not health. They are the ones that administer vaccinations from infancy to adulthood, to ensure that some of the diseases that rose to prominence of life-threatening pandemics can be stopped. In the current COVID-19 pandemic situation too, it has been the accountability of doctors that has ensured many lives were saved.

As a society, it is our responsibility to ensure that when a deserving candidate joins medical college, they can excel and graduate to become professional doctors. Hence, donate laptops for Medical Students, donate textbooks and medical equipment and donate to pay for their course fees and living expenses.

Medical education is expensive

The middle-class family struggles to put their children through medical school, so for a meritorious candidate, we can only imagine becoming a doctor to be a distant, unattainable dream. yet, many of the most renowned medical practitioners globally who come from poor backgrounds have made it to the pinnacle of their profession. They have contributed towards building ethical medical practices, ensuring the formation of good health policies, helmed organizations such as Doctors without Borders, WHO, and UNICEF, and most importantly ensured that the poorest of the poor are not deprived of medical attention. In fact, major decisions pertaining to the fair allocation of COVID Relief Fund collections have been made by doctors, who have ensured that help and medical aid reaches the distant corners of the country.

Donate laptops for Medical Students as laptops have become essential for education in this generation. Students can access inexpensive eBooks and medical publications online. It will cost them much less than physical books. They also require laptops for assignment submission and to share notes. Most importantly in this scenario, where classes are being conducted virtually, it will help many poor students attend lectures.

No student must be left behind

Students from poor backgrounds come from households that may not even be able to afford them a smartphone. If you donate laptops for Medical Students you can be assured that they will be using them even after completing their medical education while they are establishing themselves in their careers. It will take care of one of the most expensive investments they will have to make. Many doctors have been giving virtual consultations to patients in the face of the pandemic. Even medical students who are doing their internships are able to contact their families only via video calls as they spend hours working in the hospitals and are staying in isolation to protect the larger public.

Doctors during the pandemic

COVID Relief Fund online is being monitored by professional doctors so that there is a logical distribution of collected funds and supplies to ensure everyone gets aid on time. Society struggled with conscientiousness in the early period of the pandemic when there was panic due to ignorance. However, we are now understanding the roles doctors are playing and the sacrifices they are making on our behalf. We have seen several doctors lose their lives, be cut off from their families, and even shed tears of desperation when they were unable to save the lives of their patients. Yet, the next day they were back at their duty station carrying on with their fight to save lives.

Medical Students are in a Limbo

Medical education cannot be pursued remotely, the students must be in college, must be with their cadavers and patients in order to learn. We have seen the courage these students have shown. We have also heard their grudging complaints that due to the pandemic; they do not have the opportunity to do their residency in their area of interest. Yet, this pandemic is an experience that has shown them early in their career the value of their skills and how they can impact the lives of millions with their efforts. They have seen how society is affected positively through their actions.

Hence, continue to COVID Relief Fund online to ensure it is easier for doctors to procure the necessary cure for their patients and donate laptops for Medical Students so that their education isn’t encumbered.


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