Choosing the right men’s shirt

Choosing the right men’s shirt

Every day in the fashion world – shirts are gaining more and more popularity. In addition to the classic men’s shirt , there are many other styles. Every man should have a few dress shirts in his wardrobe. How to correctly determine the style of a classic shirt? In this article, you will learn about this and much more: how to determine the model of a shirt?; what should you pay attention to when buying a shirt?; How should a shirt fit on a man?  

The right shirt               

On any man , the shirt should sit well , not hang on the sides, or vice versa – not be cramped. You need to know that a bow tie collar does not fit a tie . When choosing a shirt, you must know exactly the size of the collar. These are the very first rules for a good image, style of a man. What shirt to wear is the choice of the individual. His style must first of all please himself. In addition to taste, a good image will turn out only when the physique, color and cut of the shirt are also taken into account.

The most popular types of shirts:

1. Fitted silhouette (The Modern / Regular Fit). Suitable for men of average, athletic build (the body must be in great shape). This is youthful style.

2. Classic silhouette (Classic Fit). Suitable for everyone except thin men.

3. Fitted silhouette (Super Slim Fit). Suitable for slim men.

4. Semi-adjacent silhouette (Slim Fit). Great for thin men.

The most common shirt silhouette is the classic

This shirt has a traditional cut. In it you will feel comfortable, it does not constrain movements. If you have a thin physique, then you should absolutely not wear such a shirt. We recommend everyone else to appreciate the superiority of a classic shirt. 

Semi-fitted shirt silhouette

This shirt is popular with young people. This shirt will make you feel stylish. It hinders movement a little, thanks to its close-fitting cut. This shirt in light colors is suitable for a formal dress code. Well suited for men of a thin physique, but tight ones need to be careful with this model! This shirt model must be chosen according to size, make sure that it sits on you well. 

Fitted shirt silhouette

This shirt model is perfect for people with a slender physique . It must be chosen very carefully. It can hinder your movements, even make it difficult to breathe, thanks to its cut. 

Fitted shirt silhouette

This is the most versatile men’s shirt . In it you will feel comfortable and stylish. If you are of average build, then this style of shirt is for you. Not very suitable for people prone to thinness and fullness. Fitted men’s shirts .  

Men’s shirts and their details

 To have a better idea of men’s shirts , you need to consider its key elements. These elements are: sleeves, pockets, collar, cuffs, back and front sides. 

Detail one – the collar

The very first task of a collar is to frame a man’s face. In a suit or in a jacket, the collar always remains in front of everyone. Its appearance plays a big role in your image and style. Men’s shirt collars come in different sizes, colors and styles. If you have a short or long neck, the collar will visually correct this shortcoming. One of the most common types of collar is a collar with two ends lowered in the form of a triangle down. Depending on the collar model, the width of the corners or additional details may be changed. At the same time, the basis remains unchanged. In our previous publications, you can learn more about the types of collars. 

Detail two – cuffs

An important element in a men’s shirt are the cuffs. They are small but add chic to your style. Like the collar, the cuffs are visible from under the jacket, and should protrude 1-2 cm, but no more! Usually the cuffs are fastened with two buttons, if there is one, then this is also correct. In addition to these buttons, there may be one more button in the shirt that fastens the sleeve slit. Its task is that your hand is not unnecessarily exposed. For a more formal style, “French” is used. This cuff wraps around the wrist and is secured with a cufflink. If you chose a tuxedo, then a shirt with cufflinks is perfect for him.

Detail three – buttons

Buttons don’t get much attention. Everyone thinks that buttons are a functional element of a shirt and they are all the same. If you look closely, then the buttons are made of plastic, and are made of metal. They come with two and four holes, and the buttons can also have an engraving of the owner. In more expensive shirts, designer shirts for example, the buttons may have gemstones inside. 

Detail four – the front side of the shirt

If you look at the front side of the shirt, then only the presence of one or two pockets will attract attention. There are also cases where there are simply no pockets on the shirt. For a more formal style, face pockets should not be on the shirt. In all other styles, pockets are allowed.

So that the pocket does not bulge, you do not need to put anything in it – this is ugly. 

Detail five – the back side of the shirt

We divide the back side of the shirt into three types: 1 and 2 – type contains folds. They are distinguished only by the location of these folds.
The 3rd type has no folds.

The folds on the shirt play an important role. The purpose of the folds is aimed at a good fit of the back relief and comfort. Usually shirts come with one pleat, because two pleats are more expensive to produce.

Additional shirt details

Additional details in a men’s shirt can be various patches, personalized initials on the cuffs and much more. With the help of such details, you will focus on your image.  

The main thing here is not to overdo it. If you are tired of the classics, then you should try something new and fresh with designer elements. Create your image, make it noticeable, emphasize your dignity and your great taste. Experiment, but always know the measure.


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