Log Corner Systems

Log Corner Systems

Log corners are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. They provide an authentic, natural and rustic look that can enhance your setting in ways you never thought possible! This guide will discuss all the different types of log corner systems available and their features & benefits. Read on for more information about how these fantastic items work wonders with landscaping or simply adding color to our homes.

What are Log Corner Systems?

Log corner systems add a more finished and polished look to your home.

Types of Log Corner Systems

Log corners are a more complex type of structure to build. They require careful planning, but if you have the right tools for your job and take time with each piece, it can be done! Here’s what some common types look like:

V-Notch Log Corner Systems

Log corners are a popular choice for log homes. These systems have V-shaped notches in the middle of each board, which creates an appealing polished look that is perfect with many styles and designs!

Overlap Log Corner Systems

Log corners are a system of logs made to overlap one another for an earthy look.

Butt and Pass Log Corner Systems

Logs joined together at the corners with no overlap give a simple, clean look to any home decor style. The butt and pass log corner system is excellent for those who want their space to look well-maintained without having an abundance of materials cluttered up everywhere!

How to Install a Log Corner System

Installing a log corner system is an easy process that can be done in just minutes. Here are the steps to follow:
Now measure the length and width of each corner that you want to be covered.
You can cut your logs to size with a saw or miter box.
If you’re installing your log home on the exterior walls of a house, place them in position and secure them with nails or screws. The logs will rest upon their edges to not project too far outward when installed correctly.
To make your house look new, fill in any gaps between logs with silicone caulking and then paint over the entire thing.

The benefits of using a Log Corner System

Log corner systems are a great way to add value and durability to your home.
They require little maintenance.
With a variety of colors and designs, you can design your home’s exterior decor in a style that is perfect for you!
Log corner systems are not only eco-friendly. They’re made from natural materials like cedar and pine trees!
Logs don’t require any special tools to install, so they’re an excellent option for DIY projects!
Log corner systems are quick easy to install and maintain.
Logs are an excellent exterior wood product because they don’t rot as other materials might over time due to moisture buildup. For decades, logs have been proving themselves as a practical and durable finishing touch for your home!
Log corner systems are an easy, cost-effective way to transform any home.

How to Select the Appropriate Log Corner System for you

When deciding on the correct log corner system for your home, it’s essential to consider a few things.

The Style of your Home

There are three different styles of log corner systems: v notch, overlap, and butt pass. This will depend on what type of home you have, so it’s essential to consider all your options before making any decisions!

Consider the Climate in your Area

Log corner systems don’t have the best reputation for humidity. They can become waterlogged and rot over time in very humid climates, so if you live here, make sure that’s not an issue before purchasing one!
The Size of your Home
Logs come in different sizes, so make sure you measure your home before purchasing any logs. The size of the home determines the length of the logs you will use and the number of logs used.

The Number of Corners your Home has

Log corner systems are an excellent choice for homeowners with four sides to their homes. They work well on three-sided structures, but you’ll need more logs if just one side has been completed – this varies depending upon how many corners there are in total!

The Type of Wood

Logs are typically pressure-treated with a chemical preservative to prevent rot and insect infestation; however, some people prefer untreated ones because they believe it gives them a better grip when handling them in rough weather conditions like snowstorms.
Log corner systems are a great way to give your home an extra touch of elegance and functionality. The Woodworkers Shoppe offers many different high-quality options, so you’re sure to find something perfect for yourself!

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