Custom lipstick boxes with these modern printing techniques

Cosmetics are a crucial part of our life. There is one beauty product that we cannot live without lipstick. Lipstick not only hydrates our lips but also brings colors to our life. Have you ever noticed how people look sick without wearing lipstick? In this way, we could realize the importance of colorful lipstick. But have you ever wondered what keeps your favorite lip product fresh? How does the color of your lipstick not fade? Or how does the product not go bad? Well, the credit goes to custom lipstick boxes. We can’t ignore the importance of packages in our daily life. The way we cannot overlook the importance of cosmetics. Many sellers have tried to start their business from home. And many of them failed miserably. There could be many reasons. But there are many possibilities that the packaging was not promising enough.

So in this article, let us tell you how to give a new look to your packaging. And to what techniques to use for customizing your boxes.

Digital printing and Screen printing:

Both of these methods are commonly used in the industry. However, Digital printing is more time-effective for small orders. And screen printing is more efficient when we need a high-quality design printing on the custom lipstick boxes. If you want to know more about the printing business, your need to visit the Sublimation printer business.


It is a method that proves helpful when we need to customize a bulk of the material in a limited time. Gravure uses ink that dries off quickly. Meanwhile, the ink is also eco-friendly so it does not affect our box nature.  

Engraving and Embossing:

When it comes to engraving and embossing, it is not something that is rarely used. Now even luxurious brands customize their boxes with these techniques. But that does not mean that such a method does not give our customized lipstick boxes a unique look. Although these methods are widely getting used, they still attract customers from afar. This is because engraving and embossing both are opposite to one another. In engraving, the design is carved into the box. Meanwhile, in embossing, the design puffs out of the surface, giving a 3D look.


LED UV technology is used to print on various packaging materials like cardboard etc. Meanwhile, it is also utilized to imprint on the flexible packaging. It is a method that is efficient and time-effective. Moreover, it provides high-quality and refined printing.

Features of an elegant lipstick box:

An elegant box serves the looks. It attracts the customer even from afar through its appearance. And at the same time, it promotes the brand. Using the lipstick box packaging the right way is difficult. In these competitive days, sellers are using unique strategies. And to compete in such times, we must also implement unique ideas. So first off, get yourself a separate box and then customize it properly. Do not forget to imprint the crucial info on the box. And it includes:

● The manufacturer’s address and contact info,

● The chemicals used in the product,

● Write the net content by weight,

● Name of the brand,

● The shade name and the code.

Role of lamination on our lipstick box:

The role of lamination is simple. It has to provide an extra protective layer to secure the box, ensuring the product. Now there are different types of laminations, and the one you choose depends on the product you are selling. 

● If you are going for a funky vibe, you also need to customize the box with bright colors. And to highlight the color even more, we should use gloss lamination. Meanwhile, if you choose an elegant and mysterious type of look for your boxes, use matte lamination. 

● Matte lamination reduces the glare and does not reflect light. Meanwhile, gloss lamination seems shiny and reflects light. 

● Matte lamination gives a velvety look to the lipstick boxes wholesale. And gloss lamination gives a glossy look.

● A box overlapped with matte lamination does not leave any fingerprints. Meanwhile, in gloss lamination, we could notice the fingerprints. But they can easily be wiped off.

Now the question is, what lamination would be better for which products? If you want a simple yet refined look, go for a matte one. For example, sellers use matte lamination while customizing cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, luxury apparel boxes, or presentation boxes.

Effect of the color palette on our customers:

Color always affects our choices and the decisions that we make. People use different colors to stimulate a certain feeling. For example, many food chains use the yellow or red logo. Both of these colors not only go along well. But they also highlight a brand and stimulate hunger. Yellow and red stimulate many senses, and the designer uses these colors very well.

Meanwhile, many of the well-known brands use silver and gold colors. Silver represents wealth, elegance, and modernism. And gold represents prosperity and luxury. Similarly, many of the stores use the primary color, which is red, green, and yellow. 

We cannot simply pinpoint a color to customize your boxes when it comes to cosmetics. You would have to follow your brand theme and also study your product. Bringing color to our packaging might be both a complicated and straightforward task. It all depends on how much we understand our product. And to what extent do we know how we want our box to look like.

Now personalize your custom lipstick boxes with a trendy theme. And attract customers in an instant by using modern printing methods.

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