Design your training program

Design your training program

We do not want to do the same as the competition! But hey, let’s be clear: being innovative doesn’t necessarily mean investing a lot of money. What we want is for the target audience to recognize your brand at first sight, and this can be done in different ways. We take the example of the Adéquat group, a French recruitment company and sponsor of the Olympique Lyonnais football team. Every season, the club plays its “classic” against its sworn enemy, Saint-Etienne, whose main color is green.

The same green as the soccer field they play on.

As Olympique Lyonnais fans don’t really like the color green because of what it represents, the Adéquat group proposed to do something special for the match: they suggested to the club to change the color of the grass to red.Choose a brand that represents you. A collaboration with a club or an athlete must be consistent with the values ​​of your company.

The big mistake of many brands is to see collaboration only as a tool for economic cooperation, without taking into account the emotional part that we have already talked about.

It is much more than that:

 By choosing to sponsor another brand, you associate your corporate image 100% with theirs. Therefore, before starting collaboration, we recommend that you first consider the following factors:

Do your research on brand communication (athlete or club), particularly on social media: ideally we recommend working with a company that shares the same type of voice as your company. A brand that does not communicate well can have negative effects on your business.

Do some research on the reputation?

 And corporate image of your future collaborator: it would be incoherent to work with a brand that does not share the same values ​​as you. For example, if topics such as ecology or animal protection are at the heart of your activity and are of vital importance to your company, try to find partners who share the same vision. A company that, on the contrary, has been criticized for its lack of dedication to the ecological issue, would not be a good partner, do you think?

Choose a collaboration with someone who shares the same story as you : it can be a club that comes from the same country or region as your brand, or an economic and social actor from the city where your company is located.

A good example of collaboration between a brand and epl중계 clubs is the case of Estrella Galicia.

The famous ( and delicious ) Spanish beer brand produces its successful beer in A Coruña.

The beer is marketed throughout Spain but the brand has always wanted to highlight its roots and be an important player for Galicia. To do this, the brand accentuates its image as an actor in the local and national economy through sports marketing.

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