Determining The Cost of Total Hip Replacement

Determining The Cost of Total Hip Replacement

India has made significant progress in the medical field, and now they are number one in their field. Most good Indian hospitals have the most up-to-date equipment, making it more likely that treatments will work. Even better, they also have meagre prices for total hip arthroplasty in India at the best hospitals in the country. Total hip arthroplasty is a type of surgery of the hip joints to replace painful joints with synthetic joints. This surgery is actually for people who don’t get any relief from oral medication and need this surgery to be free of pain. In India, you can find many hospitals offering both partial replacement or a full hip replacement. 

Hip Anatomy

The hip is a joint with a ball and a socket inside it. The socket is made by the acetabulum, part of the pelvis bone, and helps make the bone. The upper end of the femur is called the femoral head, and the ball is called the femoral head (thigh-bone).

Articular cartilage is a smooth tissue that cushions the ends of the bones and lets them move freely. It makes a small amount of fluid that helps lubricate the cartilage and keep the hip moving smoothly. You can see the synovial membrane all around your hip joint.

The ligaments (the hip capsule) connect the ball to the socket and help keep the joint stable.

Is Hip Replacement Surgery the best thing you can do for your hips?

One could choose from a wide range of hip surgery replacements. It all depends on the support one needs during the surgery and how much damage needs to be fixed. The orthopaedic specialist checks on the patient’s health and tells them which kind of hip replacement they should try out. Next, we’ll look at some different types of hip replacement medical procedures.

  • Total hip replacement
  • Partial hip replacement
  • Hip replacing
  • Double hip replacement
  • Revision hip replacement
  • Revision hip replacement 
  • Robotic hip replacement
  • Minimally invasive hip replacement

Factors Determining the Total Hip Arthroplasty Treatment in India

  • Type and quality of the implant used
  • The type of hospital room
  • Surgeon experience 
  • Cost of medicines and other things that people use
  • Post-surgery complications.
  • Total time spent in the hospital.
  • Costs for recovery and physical therapy go up.

Different Types of Implants

There are a lot of different materials to make hip replacements. A few of them are below:

  • The prosthetic implant is generally made of cobalt chrome or titanium-aluminium alloy. Many alloys are hard and durable, but they also have a lot of strength and are very durable. 
  • Polyethylene plastic also helps in making prosthetics. This material has a long life and is much lighter than other materials. The life of a prosthetic used for hip replacement can be anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

Causes of Hip Replacement

Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis of the hip is caused when the joint cartilage and the bones under the joint start to break down, which leads to pain.

The head of the femur broke. Femoral head fractures are rare injuries that may occur with either a posterior or anterior hip dislocation. Most of the time, the causes of these fractures are high-energy trauma (such as car accidents)

Bone death: In this case, the bones start to die because they don’t get enough blood.

Cost of Total Hip Arthroplast

Getting the ACL surgery will cost you between $5,500 and $8,000. It all depends on the type of medical clinic, the nature of the patient emergency, the ICU unit charges you choose, how many days you want to stay in India, and many other things. In any case, this cost is subject to change.

From where to Find the Best and Affordable Packages

If you are looking for the best hospitals for total hip arthroplasty, Lyfboat is here to help you. It helps patients get a better deal on what Indian hospitals and hip replacement surgery cost in India. In some cases, we can cut the cost of hip surgery by up to 20% by negotiating with hospitals. We help you get the best treatment from the best hospital or doctor at the best price.

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