Do You Intend To Live In Australia With Your Partner Under Partner Visa Subclass 309?

Do You Intend To Live In Australia With Your Partner Under Partner Visa Subclass 309?

Many married couples intend to live in Australia with their partner after getting a partner visa. It helps them to spend quality time with their loved ones and stay peacefully in a different country. Many times, it happens that their spouse is an Australian citizen and is staying there. But since they are from a foreign country, candidates cannot go there. In that way, they do not get enough time to spend with each other. 

But with a Partner Visa Subclass 309 or 300, they can now stay together. Here are all the details of the visa, which they can check before applying. 

About Visa Subclass 309

A visa 309 allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand or Australian permanent resident to live in the country temporarily. Obtaining this visa is the most crucial step to starting your life happily with your partner. 

After that, if needed, you can go for a permanent Partner visa (subclass 100). With this visa, you can study, live, work in the country, and travel to and from Australia. With this, you have the freedom to attend free English language classes offered by “the Adult Migrant English Program.” But for that, you have to attain the eligibility criteria first.  

About Visa Subclass 300

Another partner visa is there; Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 allows you to come to Australia to marry your partner. After that, you can apply for a partner visa. It will enable you to stay for 9 to 15 months starting the date the visa is granted. With this, you can work and study in the country at your expense. Now let’s check out the requirements one has to obtain to get the visa.  

The Requirements To Obtain To Get A Partner Visa 309

    • Attaining The English Requirements: In most cases, you have to be a de facto partner or a spouse of an eligible NZ or Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. Your relationship can be with the same or different sex person. You would still qualify for the visa if your sponsor passes away or your relationship breaks down.  

    • Age Requirements: Generally, the married applicants should be of 18 years as per Australian law. In a de facto relationship, the applicants can be older than 18 years while filling the visa application form. 

    • Have A Sponsor: Make sure to have a sponsor while lodging the application and when you get the visa. You cannot change the sponsor in between the visa tenure. The person sponsoring you while applying for the visa must sponsor for two years after it is granted. 

    • Meeting Health And Character Requirements: With your family members applying for a visa 309, you must achieve the health and character requirements. 

    • The Best Interests Of The Children: The visa will not be granted at any cost if it is not in the candidate’s best interest below 18 years. 

    • Clear Off Your Debts: Ensure that you or anyone from the family must not owe any debts to the Australian government. If so, you have to clear the amount on time or make necessary provisions for the same. 

Now that you have checked out the requirements for visa 309, look for subclass 300. 

The Requirements Of Visa 300

    • Have A Sponsor: You should have a sponsor while applying for a Visa Subclass 300. Without getting a sponsorship, there is no point in applying as it will get rejected. 

    • Be Of The Right Age: While applying for the visa, you should be 18 years of age. 

    • Health And Character Requirements: Applicants with other family members applying for the visa must attain the health and character requirements. This is a crucial step to achieve while filing the application form. 

    • Clear Off The Debts: Pay the debts to the Australian government if there is any at the earliest. If it is impossible to clear the entire amount, you must make the necessary provision for the same. 

    • Best Interests Of The Child: The Immigration authorities might not grant the visa if it is not in the children’s best interest below 18 years. 

    • Not Had A Visa Refused Or Cancelled: Applicants are not eligible for the visa who have previously applied and got it refused or canceled while you were here. 

Choosing The Best Migration Agents

The Australian visa application process is a bit difficult to understand, and many parameters are there which applicants have to look for. The authorities may reject the application form if a single parameter is not attained. It is always recommended to hire a Migration Agent Perth before applying for a 300 visa or 309. The parameters to consider while looking for the migration agents are: 

    • Check Out If The Agent Is Registered

The most crucial step is to determine if the agent is registered as only they have the right experience and qualification to assist you. Some agents are working without any prior knowledge about this field and might not help you in the process. In that way, your application process might get rejected, or you may miss some crucial documents. Hence, it is better to check out and opt for a registered agent. 

    • Find Out What Previous Clients Have To Say 

Check out if the previous clients have to say good or bad things about the opposite. The customers’ experience is the most important thing, and if they are not satisfied, there is no point in hiring them. In that way, you have to face the same problems that they experienced. To find out about them, you must read the reviews provided in the review section. It will give you a brief idea of how the company is operating. 

    • Meeting The Agent Before Appointing

Meeting the immigration agent and interviewing them face to face is another important thing. Before appointing, you must visit and interview them and get all the queries clarified. Ask them how they are going to proceed, how much they will charge, and other things. All things will help you learn about the agent and decide whether to hire them. 

    • Appoint A Professional With A High Success Rate 

You must appoint an immigration agent who has received a higher success rate over the years. All agents guarantee you success for a visa application, but it is difficult to say anything before opting for their services. You should check the records and find out the ratings of the company before hiring. A well-known company would have higher ratings and will provide true information. They are never going to hide any details from you. The professionals are also aware of the prerequisites to achieve while applying for a partner visa subclass 300.

In The End 

By following the above parameters, you can decide which migration agent to hire. The best immigration agent in Perth is always there with your assistance, so you do not have to worry. They are aware of how the process goes on and why an application form gets rejected. By hiring them, you can avoid committing those mistakes and get your visa within time. With that, you do not have to wait for a longer time.


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