Effective Ways To Improve Sperm Quality

Effective Ways To Improve Sperm Quality

Sperm with good quality is certainly coveted by men. How not, sperm quality is an important factor in pregnancy planning and can be an indicator of the overall health condition of the body.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of decreased sperm quality.

To improve sperm quality.

1. Adequate exercise

Not exercising and exercising excessively can reduce sperm count. Do enough and not excessive exercise, such as walking fast or swimming for 20 minutes 3 times a week, because it has no effect on sperm production.

2. Do not get dehydrated

To increase sperm count, avoid dehydration because water is very important in metabolism. Drink water and other healthy drinks such as fruit juice or yogurt. Drink at least 2-4 liters every day.

3. Stop smoking

Smoking activity affects sperm quality. The study also found that partners who smoked or just smoked the man increased the number of miscarriages by 64 percent. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 to improve erection.

4. Cut down on soy-based foods

men who eat a lot of soy-based foods have lower sperm counts than those who don’t. This is because soy contains phytoestrogens (hormones in plants that are similar to human estrogen).

5. Increase your intake of vitamin C

Vitamin C can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Several studies have shown that regular consumption of vitamin C can increase fertility among male smokers. 16 percent of all infertile men are caused by the clumping of sperm due to lack of vitamin C.

6. Avoid excessive heat around the testicles

High temperature is bad for sperm quality. Therefore it is important for men to avoid excess heat around the testicles in warm baths, spas, saunas, and putting cellphones in their trousers pockets.

Today, an unhealthy lifestyle seems to have become our best friend. Do the 8 things above to improve sperm quality, especially for married couples and want to plan a pregnancy program.

Now, here are three ways you can improve sperm quality. The point is to improve your life so that it does not generate active oxygen in your body.

7. Balanced diet

It is important to “eat a nutritionally balanced diet.”

Below, we have summarized the meals that improve and lower the quality.

High-quality meals

Foods containing omega 3 fatty acids (fish, nuts, etc.)

Foods containing vitamin C and vitamin E (acerola, broccoli, avocado, etc.)

Foods high in zinc (cow shoulders, oysters, etc.),

・Meals high in saturated fatty acids and trans-fatty acids (butter, processed meat, margarine, fast food, etc.)

・ Meals that are high in sugar (single items such as noodles and bowls)

・ Sweets that are high in sugar Sweetened beverages,

With the above in mind, you should improve your diet.

8. Adjust your lifestyle

・ Secure enough sleep time (ideally 6 hours or more)

・ Exercise moderately and do not take the same posture for a long time (improve blood flow in the body)

・ Be conscious of not warming the testicles (Avoid PC work on your lap, long hot baths, etc.)

9. Avoid stress

When there is a lot of pressure or stress, active oxygen is generated in the body. Then, it is greatly related to the momentum and number of sperms, and it has a bad influence on fertility.

It is also good relationships while communicating well with your partner, such as creating an atmosphere that reduces the psychological burden.


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Sperm quality is important for pregnancy. Improving sperm quality is not expensive and can be done immediately. Work with your partner to make your pregnancy successful, and start doing it today.


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