Engraved gifts for Valentine’s Day

Engraved gifts for Valentine’s Day

Make your loved one happy and give them a unique, personal gift that will make them always remember you. Choose jewelry with an engraving.

Valentine’s Day butterfly couples rings a lot of confusion into everyday life. Restaurants are full of guests, florists employ additional couriers, and there are opportunities to buy Valentine’s cards and hearts everywhere. Jewelers, who start the season for Valentine’s gifts much earlier, probably have the most work. As a result, unique decorations dedicated to the loved ones with a personal engraving are created.

An engraved gift is extremely durable and legible. It will last for many years and will be a souvenir that will always bring back fond memories. The engraving will look beautiful on many materials: wood, plywood, Plexiglas and even leather. However, metals such as steel, gold or silver are most often chosen, as they guarantee greater durability of the engraved object. What shapes do lovers prefer? Key butterfly couples rings are also popular and puzzle that can be connected, and padlocks that can be attached to the railing of one of the famous bridges on a romantic journey. Slightly larger items, such as photo frames and jewelry boxes, also work as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Love over time

Do not believe the superstition that giving a watch is the end of love. These are unfair opinions that deprive many of the chance to show originality, e.g. in the form of a few warm words in the form of an engraving. The place where the engraving can be seen is of course the watch, or rather its bottom part, i.e. the case back. The inscription placed there does not have to be limited to one or two words, because there is a lot of space for a longer and heartfelt dedication. It can be, for example, a fragment of a poem or the words of a song to which you danced your first dance … A watch is an elegant gift, but it will only be liked by those who really need it. When in doubt, maybe it is worth looking for something else?

Priceless little things

Butterfly couples rings and charming pendants (dedicated mainly to ladies) are the most enjoyable, not only on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Engagements – even on this special Valentine’s Day – will surely be unforgettable. Therefore, butterfly couples rings whose width allows you to make a small engraving, for example with the date of engagement, date of the first date or name, or the lover’s initials, will be welcome. It is true that we will not add anything more, because there is not much space on the bottom of the ring, but it is enough to show with a small inscription how much we care about someone. Heart-shaped pendants will be an equally charming decoration, on which you can put affectionate words. There is also little space here, and there is a high probability that someone can read the confession on it, but sometimes that’s what it is all about … Name, initials, date of the first meeting or other important event, date of the planned wedding, and even the date of birth of the child (We celebrate the end of Valentine’s Day throughout our lives!), in short, everything that is important to us and can be included in this charming ornament.

Always by the hand

One of the most common and engraved ornaments, which representatives of both sexes eagerly reach for, are bracelets with badges. Gold, silver and steel elements give you much more room than a small ring or heart. The plate can be engraved on both sides, it will fit both names of lovers, a sincere declaration of love, a diminutive that we call the closest person, or an important motto that will support her in difficult times when a partner cannot be next to him. It is also a great souvenir – a bracelet (or bracelets, you can wear them both!).

An engraving is a wonderful, almost indestructible gift that will last much longer than another bouquet of roses or a candlelight dinner (of course, everything can be combined). It is an important gift as it is often associated with a declaration and an important confession for the relationship being built.

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