Eyebrow Tattoo Course: A Guide

Eyebrow Tattoo Course: A Guide

Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face. They can make or break your look. Women are very conscious about the shape of their brows. Various eyebrow tattoo courses are trending these days. By getting certified in an eyebrow tattoo course one can expand their business to whole another level.

Eyebrow tattooing is the new emerging trend nowadays. Earlier women used thread to shape their eyebrows but with changing trends women all over the world are pushing the beauty envelope with the new emerging trends. 

To get darker, symmetric, and luscious brows, eyebrow tattooing is much in demand. With increasing demand people are more interested in a brand new career in permanent makeup. To start a career as an eyebrow tattoo artist you need to do an eyebrow tattoo course to get a certification. 


Eyebrow tattoo is similar to other tattoo techniques. An inked needle is injected into the skin to get fuller, darker eyebrows. The eyebrow tattoo is permanent.

To become an eyebrow tattoo artist:

1. Take a course:

The first step to becoming an eyebrow tattoo artist is to undergo an eyebrow course. Various academies are providing eyebrow courses with proper certification.

The course consists of both theoretical and practical concepts. The theory part usually takes about 2 weeks and the training part is usually of a month. 

This course comes up with a student kit that contains all the required tools and equipment. 

2. Training:

Practical training is a must if you want to choose it as your career option because theoretical knowledge is not enough. You need to undergo the training process for at least a month as eyebrow tattooing requires a clean and hygienic environment and learning from specialists will help you a lot.

3. Certification:

Certification is very important if you want to open a business as an eyebrow artist. Some academies are inexpensive and do not provide certifications. So doing eyebrow courses from such academies should be avoided. 

After getting the certification you are ready to work as an eyebrow tattoo artist. 


To enhance the look of your eyebrows there are several kinds of eyebrow courses such as:

  • Brow tinting course
  • Microblading course
  • Eyebrow tattooing
  • Threading courses
  • Henna brow courses
  • Brow lamination courses


People consider eyebrow tattoo courses and microblading as similar but there is a lot of difference as microblading is for 1-2 years whereas eyebrow tattoos are permanent. Microblading uses different inks whereas for eyebrow tattoos normal tattoo ink is used. 

 From the above article, it is clear that eyebrow courses are a new trend in the fashion society. We know that eyebrows are very important to enhance and lift the shape of your face. 

Eyebrow courses help you to make your face look balanced as uneven or asymmetrical brows can throw off your facial balance. So it’s important to always get your brows to tattoo from a certified artist. 

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