Gain The Customer’s Attention With Eye-catchy French Fries Boxes

Gain The Customer’s Attention With Eye-catchy French Fries Boxes

Custom French fries boxes wholesale

Fast food is incomplete without French fries. People demand crunchy fries more than burgers or pizza. That hype increases the demand for French fries boxes. It takes much time to handle daily repetitive orders. We suggest you buy custom French fries boxes for a whole month at wholesale. We provide bulk orders at an economical price so you can afford them easily. In return, you can save time and money. If you want an extra discount, order now because we offer an additional discount on your first order.

Custom cardboard French fries boxes

We have pure, environmentally friendly cardboard and kraft material for custom fries boxes. It does not get soggy due to steam and oil. We customize eye-catchy designs with PMS and CMYK color schemes, which makes the fries box more attractive for chips lovers.

You can also use premium alabaster paper due to its aesthetic properties. You don’t need to laminate that paper. But we laminate cardboard and kraft material box with gloss lamination. It gives an extra layer of protection to the custom fries box. And makes it moisture and heat-resistant. Usually, the inner surface of the fries is kept white. If you wish it looks colorful, we can do inside printing too. You can modify the design or brand logo with our great extra attachments and excellent premium design.

Attachments list for custom fry’s box

  •  Stamp foiling (gold, silver, red, copper, hologram, and antique gold foil)
  •  Embossing and debossing
  •  Matte and gloss coating
  •  Spot UV

Durable Kraft French fries boxes

Do you want to avoid colorful custom packaging for fries? You can go with custom kraft boxes. We have both bleached and non-bleached custom kraft material. The bleached Kraft boxes come in white. And non-bleached custom fries packages come in light brown. Moreover, the Kraft material comprises 100% pure wood pulp. It is naturally free and remains the same after recycling.

Ready-made or frozen French fries boxes

Are your ready-made French fires manufacturers? You can sell your frozen fries in custom French fries boxes. Many manufacturers pack fries just in polythene (PE) shrink film or wide-meshed bag bags, which resist heat and protect the peel potato fries from spoilage and off-coloring. That’s good, no doubt, essential for its inner protection. But what about outer safety? Your shaped fries in bags can be broken due to dampness and pressure. On another side, acrylic glasses fries trays can be broken and torn too due to pressure. Therefore, you need to cover the wide-meshed bags with custom food boxes, which provide your different shapes of fries safe for the buyers. It also secures the bag during online frozen items dispatching. Please read carefully about how we customize.

Durable material selection

You can choose custom rectangular boxes with straight or reverse tuck-in options. Or 123 auto or bottom box style. If the frozen fries are in acrylic trays, you can keep the tray in a two-piece or tuck front box style. We customize these fries’ boxes according to the fry’s quantity or weight. You can use thick, durable cardboard material for the custom, easy-to-cook fries box.

Gloss lamination for extra durability

The ready-made frozen items are kept in refrigerators to stay fresh. Therefore, we use gloss lamination as a moisture-resistant layer on the custom fry’s box. It gives a semi-gloss surface with shiny glass. It increases the ink vibrancy of the print or design on the custom box surface. You can use aqueous coating, too, because it has water-resistant properties. Also, it is scratch and smudge-free coating.

Detail description with printed design

You can provide more luxury to the box with a detailed description. We manufacture custom burger boxes with detailed descriptions with designs and color prints. In such a way, people feel more accessible and enjoying while reading. You can write down the fries’ quantity in KG or mg on the fries boxes. And you can write the expiry or manufacturing date downside the custom box. As it’s easy to cook food items, you can write its recipe for more facilitation.

Custom die-cut window

Nowadays, fries come in different shapes, like thick, crinkled, or straight cut. You can customize a die-cut window with a PVC sheet on the custom frozen fry box. It helps customers, especially kids, to choose their favorite shapes and size of chips. More, die-cut windows increase the grace of the custom box. You can mention the fry’s shape down the side of the window cut design.

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