General presentation of Physical Education and Sports (EPS)

General presentation of Physical Education and Sports (EPS)

The common PE teaching program for general and technological second classes and general and technological first and final classes is defined by decree of 17-1-2019 published in special BO n ° 1 of January 22, 2019.

Discipline belonging to the common teachings of all sections.

The finality, the objectives and the skills define the disciplinary matrix which structures and bases the teaching of Physical Education and Sports in the second degree.  The purpose of physical and sports education is to train, through the school practice of physical, nba중계  and artistic activities, a cultured, lucid, autonomous, physically and socially educated citizen.

Five objectives:

Physical education and sport must enable each student to: 

Develop and mobilize their resources to enrich their motor skills, make them effective and promote their success.

PE leads each student to become fully involved in learning, regardless of their level of practice, physical condition and degree of incapacity or disability. The development of resources, the enrichment of motor skills, the ability to use them wisely within the framework of a reasoned practice, constitute the necessary conditions to increase the success of the pupil in contexts of diversified practices. They contribute to personal balance and self-realization.

Know how to manage your physical and social life 

Physical education allows the student to ensure his safety and that of others, to maintain his health, to develop his image and self-esteem in order to build his relationship with others. It is aimed at the pursuit of well-being, health and physical fitness. It must lead the student to build a positive image of his body. Thanks to the pleasure experienced, the efforts made, the progress made, the students understand the beneficial effects of regular physical activity that is increasingly independent throughout life.

Through reflective analysis of the practices themselves and the conditions of practice,

 the high school student avoids being a naïve consumer of physical activities and becomes a lucid and responsible practitioner, capable of reinvesting the effects of his training outside school.  From the physical practice and the holding of social roles (referee, judge, helper, etc.), the EPS also strives to build attitudes and behaviors allowing to live in society: knowing the rules and understanding them meaning, respect them, build them together, to act responsibly.

The practice of a school form of physical, sporting and artistic activities promotes access to a reasoned, critical and thoughtful culture of social practices and the values ​​it conveys. The EPS allows the student to have the necessary knowledge and a sufficient level of practice to help him situate himself within a contemporary culture for access to physical practices which complete the training offer offered at the schoolboy.

Skills to be acquired in PE:

In order to offer high school students a complete and balanced education, the PE taught in high school aims, as in college and in the vocational path, to equip the student with two sets of skills which constantly interact in practice: skills specific to physical education and methodological and social skills.

A skill testifies to the possibility of acting voluntarily and effectively when faced with a family of situations.  The high school student’s training course is organized around five fields of learning and methodological and social skills. The skills specific to physical education are observed through the student’s motor achievements; they presuppose on his part the wise mobilization of all his resources, physiological, cognitive, affective, etc.  The five fields of learning (CA) of physical education, of a motor dimension, circumscribe all sporting and artistic physical activities. They organize the training course of the high school student in order to allow him access to the most representative acquisitions of the cultural field of sports and artistic physical activities.

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