Hand-painted cakes for birthdays are next level

Hand-painted cakes for birthdays are next level

There are many ways to celebrate the birthday of people you love. You can arrange a surprise for them, arrange a theme party or bonfire night, make dinner for them, etc., but whatever you do for them, birthdays are always incomplete without cakes. Everyone wishes to have a blast birthday, but it is impossible without a cake as these cakes are the center of attention in every birthday celebration, so they should be attractive. There is a trend for custom-made cakes these days. These customized cakes are perfect for any event. These cakes are always best whether you want them for a birthday, graduation party, or wedding anniversary. You can order customized cakes for birthday online and from the best bakery. 

There are expert bakers in the shop that provide you with cakes according to your desire. It includes knock knock piñata cakes, hand-painted cakes, floral cakes, etc., and it adds personality to the birthday event. Hand-painted cakes on the cake tables will cherish the celebrant’s heart. It includes flowers, artwork, and beautiful writing for the celebrant and is loved by everyone invited to the event. Along with cake, you can arrange food, decoration, etc., so everyone remembers and remember the event for a long time.

Reason to choose hand-painted cakes

There are a lot of customized cakes for birthday that you can choose for celebrating birthdays. Such as piñata cakes, money-pulling cakes, heart shapes, and so much more. And many bakers are professionals in baking hand-painted cakes. So you can order these cakes from shops. These shops also allow you to make an online order for the cake, and they will deliver it to you on your desired day and destination. Following are the reasons that convince you to order hand-painted cakes. Such as:

1.            Everyone loves flowers

Hand-painted customized cakes add a floral touch to the cakes. Different types and colors of roses, tulips, Jasmin, amazing fences, orchids, etc., make a beautiful cake for everyone. You can use bright colors such as pink and purple to make it more realistic. You can add light colors, too, if you want an artistic and long-lasting impression. Any desert-like cake that uses natural things like flowers and ferns has a long-lasting impact on guests. When you bake a cake like this, it becomes an artistic work from the baker. And it also makes a beautiful, natural, and vibrant theme party. It is important to give the celebrant excellent art of work in the form of cake so they can remember the present for a long time. And guests will surely remember these parties till another birthday event.

2.            Artistic work

Hand-painted cakes are creative and innovative. These are custom and styled artwork from bakers. The detail is unmatched when the cake is delivered. Bakers, add the details you asked them to add, such as a floral theme, birds and animals, fishes, beautiful colors, etc. the best thing you can do is add the color that matches your theme of the birthday event. You can also match it with the invitation cards and ask guests to wear the same colors. Hand-painted cakes surely deliver the best artwork for birthdays.

3.            Heartwarming message

The best-customized cake is one you can write a message for the celebrant. You can write favorite quotes, add initials, funny messages, or words that the celebrant might love. Handwritten messages on painted cakes make the event more special. The celebrant feels special, and his heart is filled with joy when he sees such things on his birthday. You can also add pictures or photos on the cake. Adding these messages, pictures, and calligraphy on cakes makes the day for everyone. 

4.            Flavors and tastes

There are a lot of tastes and flavors that you can add to cakes. You can add vanilla and chocolate flavor, as these are traditional flavors. Other than that, you can add lemon, carrot, peaches, etc.; if guests love gluten-free cakes, you can ask the baker for that. You also have the opportunity to add frosting of your own choice. You can use fondant or buttercream for frosting. Oreos, chocolate chunks, sprinkles, marshmallows, etc., can be added to the cake. You can ask the bakery to give their lists if you need clarification regarding taste, flavor, or color combinations. 

Make birthdays more special.

Birthday is always special for individuals. As it comes once a year, people want to make it more special. If you want to celebrate it with family and friends you can arrange a theme party. A perfect venue, food, decoration, etc., makes the best birthday, but if the event adds cake, it makes it even more special. Customized cakes are in trend now as they add personality to the event. So order customized cakes for birthday so that people will remember them for years.

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