How can web host affect SEO??

How can web host affect SEO??

SEO is an ever-changing philosophy because of the market trends. There are many things you need to understand if you want your website to be top-ranked. One of the main things on your checklist should be the choice of your web hosting provider. Although it is usually the most important thing that should be prioritized many users think about this at last. Choosing of web hosting provider can have a consequential impact on your website’s SEO.

How Can Web Hosting Affect SEO??

There are a lot of things that gives a strong impact on your website’s ranking. Such things can usually be directly connected to your web hosting provider. We can roughly state it as website availability, speed, server location, security, and neighborhood.

Website Speed

Website speed is one of the utmost important factors for any website, not just only the SEO part. Don’t let your website visitors wait for your website to load, and make sure to test your website loading speed. Good website speed and response can lead to more leads generations because happy visitors always return.

Speed and uptime –

Google crawls each and every webpage couple of times every day. Their main mission is to access all the required information on the website and match that information with corresponding queries. If they had to wait too long, they will simply move to the next website. If this tends to happen many times your website will be noted as unreachable, and your content won’t be reachable to users who are searching for it. Search engines avoid inaccessible websites in their results because it is not good for search engines if someone clicks on the suggested link and cannot access that link.

It is similar to uptime and downtime. Whatever you are doing, you need website visitors from around the globe. And Google crawlers don’t sleep either just like with loading time. If your website goes down often, you can’t hope for good search engine rankings. This clearly shows that why choosing of the web hosting provider is so important. Choose a web hosting provider that fits all your needs and also look for options with an easy upgrade. In case you get much more visitors than you have expected, be prepared to allocate more resources that upgrade to address all your needs. When it comes to website uptime, always look for a hosting provider with guaranteed uptime. With so much reliability, still hosting provider can’t guarantee 24×7 uptime and you might see downtime. For that, you can use different tools that throw alerts to you. With this, you can prepare a further plan that could benefit your ranking.

Security –

The most crucial aspect for every website Without any proper security, websites are exposed to threat actors that can bring down your website. Threat actors could take advantage of the flaws. They could have add/ change or delete data or add/ change links on your webpage. If your website is down or it is containing unnecessary links in the content. You can have penalties like – downfall in SEO ranking. Many web hosting providers include SSL (Secure Socket Layer) as standard encryption for the website. SSL gives DDOS protection, regular backup, and many other tools that help to maintain website integrity.

Server Location and Neighbourhood – Server location is another important factor that denotes what type of loading speed you will get. If you are targeting local users, your server should also be local. By using this way you will wipe out the tag between the server and the website visitors. Local servers will help to keep the loading speed high. Google also uses the geo-IP location of your web server that is used in search results rankings. If the server is close to the target audience, your position in search results will be better. Server neighbors are similar to your actual neighbors. Like a normal person will not live between criminals. Similarly, your website should not be hosted on a shared server with unwanted neighbors. If you are hosting your website on a web server that contains malicious content like – malware, spamming – gambling, pornography oriented. This is not good for your website and it will directly affect your website SEO. When Google crawls your website, it also checks the same IP addresses as the mentioned websites. Irrelevancy can badly affect your website.

Conclusion Thus, before taking any hosting plan. Go through a lot of things before selecting any web hosting provider. Check everything before opting for new resources, additional features, backup facilities. Pick a web hosting provider that helps in growing. For finest hosting plans and services.

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