How Live Shopping brings home shopping into the mobile age

How Live Shopping brings home shopping into the mobile age

The world is changing every minute in some or the other way. There have been a lot of changes that have taken place over a decade due to the advancement in technology. The upgradation of technology has made it possible for every individual to own a mobile phone in the 21st century and this has led to a mobile friendly population.

Livestreaming ecommerce, a new retail trend has recently flourished across the entire world. This trend is very similar to the traditional TV shopping channels and is gaining importance and popularity because it offers authenticity, transparency and bridges the gap between retailer and shoppers. Live stream shopping allows you to promote your products and services on different platforms which is also called simulcasting. As everything happens live during a live selling show this allows customers to directly interact with hosts in real-time and seek for all the queries related to a product before they purchase.

Although livestreaming ecommerce started in China but gradually it flourished in other parts of the world too. Furthermore, when people were forced to stay inside their homes during the pandemic they switched to live shopping platforms. People were left with no choice apart from shopping online, so therefore they started looking for various modifications in online shopping to make it more realistic and interactive.

Retailers are trying to seek the maximum attention from viewers who watch their live selling show by offering various benefits like freebies, limited time offers, flash sales, giveaways, instant discounts etc. This helps a lot in improving customer engagement and retention.

Just like the traditional days where a celebrity or brand ambassador would come and share his or her thoughts on a product similarly in live streaming brands collaborate with influencers, celebrities, KOLs and brand ambassadors to increase the interest of viewers and attract more shoppers.

Many traditional home shopping brands have also turned their platform into live online shopping platforms like Lotte Shopping and Hyundai Department stores.

Although people have started saying that the television era has been left behind and is coming to an end with the rise of mobile technology. But with the adoption of live commerce platforms like the one offered by the is bringing home shopping into the mobile age.

Often while purchasing products online or offline people might just have a lot of queries related to a product. More doubts arise when shopping has to be done online. If a customer wanted to ask questions related to a product on home shopping channels, they only had a call option which would take a lot of time and effort.

Whereas during an e-commerce livestreaming event, audiences can instantly ask questions related to a product and can have answers in the real time. Customers generally avoid purchasing products where they are not sure and have no answers to their queries, and this is resolved with e-commerce livestreaming where everythings is happening in the real time.

Home Shopping is generally used to target the middle aged people whereas live-commerce focuses primarily on the young generation of the world. Home shopping platforms charge high commission fees whereas such things have been diminished with the coming of live commerce, therefore brands and retailers are able to record higher sales.


To do live streaming you need to own one of the best live commerce solutions that not only helps you to host a live show but also helps you to generate profit and build brand awareness.

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