How PrognoCIS EMR Actively Trains Practices

How PrognoCIS EMR Actively Trains Practices

Making sure you get the most out of your EMR is one of the obvious objectives when choosing software. You want to make sure you get the benefits promised. However, you may be surprised to know there is one factor in this that practices often forget. That factor is regarding the training that is offered so your staff knows how and when to use the software.

When you use PrognoCIS EMR, the team works hard to create the right training strategies. These help to impart all of the right information to your staff. Not only is this useful to making implementation quicker, but it can also help improve your workflow. So, how does the PrognoCIS EMR cost add up in comparison to training? Let’s find out!

The Importance of EMR

The first place to start, when reading an article like this, is to understand why EMR is important. The EMR is an abbreviation for the term ‘electronic medical record’. This is a type of software used in the healthcare industry. The software was initially conceptualized as a modern equivalent to patient charts, but now has a number of other tools available.

EMR today is an important part of the healthcare process. It helps to optimize workflows and create efficient systems that lead to positive outcomes. Some of the features you may find in an EMR include prescription, patient portals, revenue cycle management, and more. Some EMR is available as part of a suite of integrated solutions that cover various other areas.

EMR also has benefits because it allows practices to carry out important tasks. On the clinical side, doctors can manage documentation and charts with this software. Aside from this, administrative staff can use EMR to manage schedules and improve their engagement tools. Billing experts also use the software to improve how revenue is generated.

Why Train With PrognoCIS EMR?

So, the next question we need to ask ourselves is why training with PrognoCIS EMR is important. Training is crucial to help you out in a number of ways. However, training usually happens when you are in the implementation process. This is the time period when, after an EMR is purchased, you can learn about how to use it while it is being set up.

At this time, typically, a representative from the software development team is involved. They may give you a video conferencing call, or visit your practice. Then, they go over the process of training the staff on what the EMR can do, and how to use it. With PrognoCIS EMR, all of this is done rapidly so you can get set up and ready for work as soon as possible.

While the training process is not as simple as one might think, it is extremely effective. Training helps your staff to not just learn more, but also build their confidence. This is crucial so they can use PrognoCIS EMR in the best possible way. The more they know, the better they will be at using the software in daily tasks to boost your outcomes.

Strategies For Training Used For PrognoCIS EMR

It is always important to approach training in a way that focuses on your staff and what they need. Remember that this is their first introduction to this software, and so you need to understand what may limit their ability to pick it up. Therefore, you and the PrognoCIS EMR training team can create strategies to approach what staff needs holistically.

Assess Staff Skills

One of the first things that are done when training starts is a detailed assessment. The representative from PrognoCIS will want to ask questions about the staff’s familiarity with this type of software. They may also want to know about their comfort with IT solutions in general. This is important because it will give them an idea of what to expect.

The team will approach this with an air of understanding. Of course, your staff will need basic skills to use this software. However, assessment can give the team an idea of what the general comfort is and what is needed to improve that comfort. It also helps them understand which members of staff may need more help to address these challenges.

Utilize Peer Support

The next part of training is to address the issue of lack of comfort with IT. An interesting way of doing this is through peer support. The trainer can identify people within each department (or at least one person in smaller practices) who can act as the peer. The person should be someone who is familiar with how to use the software and can grasp it quickly.

This peer will then be asked to share what they have learned with their colleagues. They can be invaluable resources. This is because their colleagues may find it easier to learn from someone they know. They can also ask them questions later without the pressure of having to do so in front of everyone. Therefore, you can improve the experience for everyone.

Is PrognoCIS EMR Right For Me?

The great thing about PrognoCIS EMR is that the company is dedicated to making sure you have a good experience. This also means working hard to make sure you get the right training so you can use it in the best way. However, this may have prompted you to consider PrognoCIS as an EMR option for your practice. So, what do you do next?

We recommend that you use this time to actually learn more about the software. A great way to get that done is by reaching out to the vendor to ask for a PrognoCIS EMR demo. This will help you see all of the features of the software in detail. For more information, you can see PrognoCIS EMR reviews to learn what other practices say about the solution.

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