How to Decide Between Fan, Radiant, or Oil Filled Room Heaters?

How to Decide Between Fan, Radiant, or Oil Filled Room Heaters?

With the nearing of winter, most people want to stay prepared with warm clothes and room heating equipment to have a cosy and warm surroundings. Room heaters prove to be a helpful appliance to beat the chilly weather conditions of the winter days. While looking for the best room heaters in India, one of the major confusions of people is whether to go for radiant, oil-filled, or fan room heaters. In order to make the right choice, knowing the features, pros, and cons of each product is important. Here are some of the must-know facts about radiant, fan, and oil-filled room heaters that can make your decision easier. Let’s dive in!

Radiant Room Heaters

When you are looking for a low-budget room heater, radiant room heaters can be a great option. They work the same as the campfires. This means that you need to place the heater quite close in order to enjoy the warmth. Radiant heaters are best suitable for individuals or small spaces. The instant heating capability, compact design, and automatic temperature control make them one of the best room heaters in India.

However, they do have some disadvantages. One of the main cons of radiant room heaters is that they can be dangerous. As they become hot in no time, they can cause accidental burns if not used carefully. When you have kids in your home, radiant heaters may not be the right option for you.

Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are the most common choice of a majority of people. Fan heaters come with a fan that helps in effectively circulating hot air throughout the room. They are the best option when you have small spaces. The main benefits of having the fan heaters are that they help in heating up your room in much less time, have a lightweight and portable design and are affordable. Moreover, when you have small kids in your home, fan heaters can be a safe option. Nevertheless, there are some potential cons of this heater. The fan heaters may not be energy efficient and can be noisy. 

Oil Filled Room Heaters

Oil-filled room heaters are a highly preferred option in recent times. The columns and fins of the heater are filled with oil in order to warm up the room. As silicone oil is used, the chances of evaporation on heating are less. These heaters are suitable for any room, irrespective of their size. 

The benefits of using the oil filled room heaters are that they are safer, super quiet, consume much less energy, and come with smart features like the thermostat, auto-off, and more. However, the downside of these heaters is that they are bulky, expensive, and take time to heat the room. 

Which one is best?

Fan, oil-filled, and radiant heaters are all equally reliable. However, you need to consider your requirements and the features of the heaters in order to decide the best one for your home. When you stay alone or have small rooms, the fan and radiant room heaters can be your ideal choice. But when you have larger rooms, oil-filled heaters can be the best choice. 


Whether you are looking for the best heaters or the best geysers in India, it is vital to understand their features and working process. Fan, oil-filled, and radiant heaters are common room heater options. Depending on your preference and specific requirements, you can determine the best option. 


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