How to Dress in Gender Neutral Style – Tips for Unisex Fashion

How to Dress in Gender Neutral Style – Tips for Unisex Fashion

Gender-neutral style is on the fashion trends these days. It is not just a simple trend but a solid fashion revolution. The idea of unisex fashion comes from the restrictions and limitations applied to gender-specific clothes. Moreover, when we consider feminine fashion, some people believe putting so much attention on the body is not always appropriate. As a result, fashion with a gender-neutral style is getting popular. With more significant consideration placed into the actual design, unisex fashion emphasizes the clothes giving life to each piece. So if you are among the gender-neutral fashion lovers and want to style as per this trend, get started with this blog to learn some essential tips for unisex fashion.

Top 7 Tips for Unisex Fashion to Achieve the Gender-Neutral Style

A gender-neutral style is simple to achieve, but you need to look at the critical elements of it before. Have a look at some essential tips that you need to know regarding unisex fashion.

Get the essentials for your gender-neutral wardrobe.

Do you want to dress in a way that defies gender expectations but includes your individual tastes and creates a distinctive appearance? Then you must know what a gender-neutral wardrobe comprises. Follow this checklist of clothing pieces essential for a gender-neutral wardrobe:

  • Wide-legged jeans
  • Blazers
  • Long coats
  • Tees and button-downs in basic colours like black, white, olive green etc
  • Hoodies
  • Romper suits
  • High-tops
  • Accessories like scarves, beanies, belts and baseball caps

Mix dark and light colours.

One of the most straightforward tips for unisex fashion is to mix opposite colours. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t exclusively consist of black, grey, and white. A dash of colour can introduce appeal and individuality to otherwise plain attire.

Try pairing a vivid colour with dark clothing, like black or grey. Wearing a vibrant accessory while keeping other pieces of clothing like jackets, shoes, and pants plain and neutral is a straightforward approach to mixing opposite colours in the outfit. Don’t be scared to experiment with brighter colours when wearing darker pieces because gender-neutral dressing doesn’t always mean wearing plain old grey and black.

Combine masculine and feminine pieces.

Gender-neutral style is not what the popular belief indicates that both genders lose their identity. Contrary to popular belief, unisex fashion combines parts of both masculine and feminine styles to make it more inclusive for everyone, making it one of the standout tips for unisex fashion. Correctly balancing the two of them is crucial.

Combining masculine and feminine items can work incredibly well if appropriately balanced. For instance, wearing some baggy pants with a floral top or button-up shirt looks fantastic if executed right. Another excellent example of a gender-neutral wardrobe is a flower-pattern top with a plain blazer and wide-leg trousers.


A layering outfit is one of the practical tips for unisex fashion to create androgynous outfits, so get ready to throw on a bomber jacket, a blazer, and a shirt. Try each layer with contrasting textures and patterns that can go remarkably well together.

Blazer is an essential item in a gender-neutral outfit. To add some good contrast, layer a classic blazer over a shirt. You can use goose & gander discount codes to get the best unisex blazers without spending a lot. Choose a dark hue if your skin tone is lighter; if it is darker, wear some bright blazers in colours like yellow under a basic shirt to get done with your layering outfits.

Consider the fabric.

It’s not necessary for unisex clothing to be completely neutral. Avoiding overtly feminine elements like lace and frills is crucial, especially when beginning. Whatever kind of appearance you are going for, these elements might throw your entire outfit off balance and make you look less sophisticated, which isn’t always a good thing.

Use basic attire to start with a gender-neutral look. If you’re unfamiliar with this look, go with a plain white t-shirt rather than a ruffled top to prevent appearing overtly feminine. Once you’re used to it, you might experiment with striking colours and designs.

Accessorize wisely.

Gender-neutral fashion is all about recognizing your style and elegantly representing it all. You can add some vintage accessories; anything striking will help give an outfit more interest. You can look for one-of-a-kind items by visiting some vintage stores.

In addition, minimalism and simplicity are the key concepts in the tips for unisex fashion. When creating a gender-neutral wardrobe, always focus on simplicity because even the core idea of unisex fashion is simple and less complicated. So, avoid wearing too much jewellery at once. Instead, opt for a plain necklace or bracelet.

Don’t be afraid to try new outfit combinations!

As the gender-neutral design expresses your style, you can experiment with your wardrobe by wearing poles apart designs that might not look acceptable together. If you accept your taste, you’ll understand what suits you and what doesn’t. Unisex fashion is all about taking chances and discovering new trends, so be bold and give it a shot!

Wrap UP!

There are no laws regarding unisex dressing, so don’t be scared to try something new. The unisex dressing is all about expressing your individual style.  Risk-taking is key to gender-neutral fashion, whether that’s combining clashing designs or florals with stripes. Make sure to add flair to your appearance.  This style is about establishing a balance and a means to incorporate your fashion tastes into one unified look that will empower you and perhaps a few others.  With these tips for unisex fashion, you can fearlessly embrace your own style. Remember that whatever combination or style you choose, what matters is the confidence with which your wear it. So whatever style you put on, be confident and own it.

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