How to Fold Clothes Into Cropped Clothes?

How to Fold Clothes Into Cropped Clothes?

The method of folding clothes into navel clothes, let me talk about my experience. Save money with Boden discount code.


  1. If the knot is a T-shirt, you can pull up the corner of the left hem or the right hem.
  2. Then tie a knot at will according to the height of the belly button, so that the ordinary T-shirt can be turned into a navel-baring suit.
  3. If it is a shirt with buttons, you can keep the two to three buttons at the bottom after buttoning the top buttons.
  4. You usually like to pursue individuality, after measuring the height of the navel with a ruler, cut it with scissors.
  5. If your own T-shirt is short, you can sew an elastic cord on the bottom
  6. There is also a way to create a unique navel dress through natural shrinkage.
  7. Final summary: The above is the method of folding clothes into navel-baring clothes, I hope it can help everyone.

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Simple strokes of clothes hanging on clothes rack

We usually draw simple strokes based on common objects, such as characters, animals, vehicles, etc. So how to draw simple strokes of clothes hanging on clothes racks, let’s introduce the simple strokes of clothes hanging on clothes racks Drawing, hope it helps you Boden discount code.


  • Software: Paint Tool
  • Operating system: win7 system

Simple strokes of clothes hanging on clothes rack

  • Draw the shape of a coat hanger hook on the paper as shown in the image below.
  • Below the hook, draw a diagonal line on the left and right sides.
  • Draw the shoulders of the garment on both sides of the hanger.
  • On the shoulders of the drawn garment, extend down to draw the sleeves of the garment.
  • On both sides of the sleeves of the clothes, draw two diagonal lines respectively, and connect the bottoms with arcs, so that the clothes hanging on the hanger are drawn.
  • We can add some decorations to the clothes as needed.
  • Paint the painted hangers and clothes with your favorite color and you’re done.

Clothes zipper clip clothes how to do

Sometimes we are in a hurry to pull the clothes, and the zipper catches the clothes when we pull the clothes up without finishing them. If you pull it up too hard, the clothes may be torn and the zipper may be damaged. What should I do if I encounter a zipper on my clothes Boden discount code.

  • zipper clothes
  • dish soap, candle C
  1. What should I do if the zipper of the clothes catches the fabric on the edge of the clothes because the clothes are not sorted properly and they are pulled up quickly
  2. You can squeeze a drop of detergent on the zipper clip, let it slowly penetrate the zipper clip around
  3. Then pull the upper part of the zipper clip with one hand, and pull down the zipper with one hand. Since the detergent is slippery, it can be pulled down quickly.
  4. If the zipper does not pull smoothly, you can apply wax on the surface of the link after taking the candle.
  5. This will increase the smoothness of the zipper and will also work well.
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Clothes suit storage method/clothes storage method/going out clothes collocation

Many people have such a confusion – when they want to go out, sometimes only the top is found in the complete set of clothes, and they don’t know how to match without the pants?

Sometimes I go on a trip or go on a business trip and don’t know how to store clothes, etc… Next, I will teach you a once-and-for-all method, which is guaranteed to help you solve the problem! Amazon Discount Code

Xiaobian take a sweater as an example

  1. First, draw a letter T by hand on the underarm position of the clothes
  2. Take a pair of pants you want to match and place the waistband in the middle of the T
  3. The first step is to fold inwards, and the sleeves are folded down normally
  4. If you have clothes with hats, you should press the hat first (press the hat first because pressing the hat makes the clothes flat and the air can be better circulated)
  5. The other side is the same as the third step, fold inwards, and the sleeves are also folded down
  6. The pants are also pressed back
  7. Then tuck the rest back in, as shown below! (If you are going to travel, throw it in the box and you can take beautiful pictures every day)

What if the clothes are dyed? how to restore clothes

It is very common in life for clothes to be dyed. If you forget or don’t pay attention to wash the faded clothes together, the clothes will be dyed before you know it. To make matters worse, a bunch of clothes that were bought back before they were worn were dyed the first time they were washed.

So is there any way to restore the dyed clothes? How about restoring a dress that is still wearable? Let’s learn the skills of this life Check out 90s Fashion

  1. After discovering dyed clothes, before drying them. Immediately prepare a basin of warm water, pour in a certain amount of laundry and stir evenly, soak the dyed clothes in warm water for four or five hours, and thoroughly wash the dyed parts.
  2. After washing, you will still find that there are dyed marks that are not clean, don’t worry, put the clothes in the sun for a while, and the marks will disappear

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