How to Stop your Child from Eating Soil?

How to Stop your Child from Eating Soil?

Children in their growing age like exploring new games, new places and like playing with dirt a lot. It is very common to see children putting everything in their mouths all the time. It is although very natural for the kids to et soil but this can affect the health and the daily life activity of the children greatly. 

The best child specialist in Lahore says that parents often wonder about stopping their children from eating soil. However, it is not a big deal. All of this can be done successfully by keeping a check and following a few tips. Soil contains different bacteria, viruses, and even fungi that can be pretty bad for the stomach. 

Why is Your Child Eating Soil?

Before everything, it is important to know the major cause behind your child eating soil. During the developmental stages of a child, it is very natural and normal for the child to explore new things around. 

While using all the senses the child will touch, taste, smell, and see everything in their vicinity. But this exploration can cause negative damage to the child’s health if the object for exploration purposes is dirt or soil. Just like soil, a lot of children indulge themselves in eating wall paint and cement. 

There is no harm in letting the kid explore stuff, but if the child is inclined towards consuming. Dirt and soil can result in weakening the immune system of the child. It is because the children get affected by germs and contaminants. 

This can become a serious problem when this habit of eating soil stays. Even after the developmental phase of the child. If a child is seen consuming dirt even when he is about to join the school, then it is referred to as a medical condition called Pica

One of the biggest reasons behind the child getting addicted to the soil. Dirt is a deficiency of zinc, calcium, and iron. Pica however characterized as the consumption of non-food items.  

Risk Associated with Child’s Health with Eating Soil

A lot of diseases are associated with the child’s habit of eating soil and dirt. And most of the diseases affecting the child are related to the gut and intestines. This is because the consumption of the soil can block the intestines. 

It is often observed that the children start consuming soil as they have no know-how about what they are consuming.  In modern times, it is very well known to everyone that the soil is full of pesticides and other chemicals that can pose major health risks if consumed through the mouth. 

Apart from this, there are other issues that can occur to your child when they eat soil or dirt. These can be, 

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal pain
  • Food Poisoning
  • Abdominal infections

How to Stop your Child?

Children indulging in consuming food that is not edible is one of the major concerns of many new parents. But there are ways to stop the child from consumption of soil. Dust as this can result in a number of diseases. These include,

  • It is very important to keep in check the calcium levels of your child when they are involved in such habits of eating soil or dust. Do take our children to a pediatrician so that they can get treated for this urge of eating soil when they crave it. A number of supplements can be given to the child in order to fix the deficiency. 
  • There are high chances that your child has stomach worms that are pushing him/her towards the consumption of soil or dust. In this case, you should look for the best doctor around to get your baby dewormed, which is the removal of the worms from the body through medication. 
  • You have to fix any fence in the ground or the area where your child plays and keep a constant eye on the child. 
  • It is very important for you to educate your child on how to take care of proper hygiene and the importance of handwashing after playing in the ground or anywhere where there is dirt or soil. 
  • If there are pets in the house, make sure that the feces are discarded correctly. 
  • Try and keep away the potted plants away from the children and away from their reach. 


Children indulging in eating soil and dirt can be a phase but sometimes if prolonged can damage the internal organs of the cold as they contain a number of bacteria and viruses. It is important to educate the child with basic hygiene tips in order to make them aware of how much playing with the soil can be damaging for them. Make sure to visit a pediatrician when you think the situation is getting out of hand. 

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