How to Style Boho Dresses?

Boho dresses consist of loose and flowing dresses with mixed prints, tassels, and fringes. Boho chic is a bit more elegant than the hippie or gypsy look.

What are boho dresses?

Do you still remember the hippie days? all favorite and carefree curls, long flowing skirts, leather sandals, and bags.

How to style boho dresses?

Boho dressing and boho dresses gained momentum in the 1960s with the rise of hippie style. It was anti-establishment and directly opposed to the conservative dressing style of the 1950s. It embraced the free spirit and nomadic lifestyle, which incorporated touches of gypsy style.

Romantic bohemian-style dresses

Boho dresses and bohemian style dresses are similar with a few minor changes. They feature a romantic look, often with floral or ethnic motifs. They can be short or long-sleeved and are generally suitable for both summer and winter, pairing them with either strappy sandals or ankle boots and coats or cardigans.

Popular boho dresses for women

Adrift clothing and you should buy many of their dresses that are either dress up or dress down depending on the occasion. Many of the styles available are considered boho dresses or bohemian.

Affordable boho dresses

Boho doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, although you can be as expensive as you want!  You can also check charity shops or the internet for second-hand boho dresses.

Boho wedding dresses

If you want to buy a boho dress for wedding. You will definitely want something that is suitable for a woodland wedding; something that is a bit magical and quirky, reminiscent of woodland fairies and magic!

Style and fashion

You can find celebrities like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, or Mary-Kate Olsen wearing this style of clothing. Sienna Miller’s older sister, designer Savannah Miller described a person who wears bohemian style as “someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is deeply romantic, knows no boundaries, whose world is their own creation instead of living in a box.”

Home decoration

The boho-chic style started to be very popular in 2005, but as healthy living, vegetarianism, veganism, veganism, yoga, the natural living become more and more popular, so does the retreat of the bohemian style. One can find many online stores, which supply clothing, accessories, home goods, or jewelry in Boho-chic style. It is popular to decorate your room with elephants, mandala patterns, or ethnic embroidery. This is the style where you can really open up your creativity by layering colors, patterns, textures, along with a great mix of furniture and decorations such as candles or vases with flowers. Most stores prefer to use durable, eco-friendly fabrics, as the style is also associated with higher awareness and eco-friendly lifestyles. But you can certainly find different supplies as they became globally popular. The boho-chic décor can vary from a very colorful one, full of ethnic motifs and deep warm colors to a completely white one combined with natural wood elements in the furniture, seaside accessories, feathers, or dream-puzzles. Vintage furniture also fits perfectly in such decoration as it is environmentally friendly.

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