Detailed Review Of imac pro i7 4k

Detailed Review Of imac pro i7 4k

The iMac Pro is beautiful and powerful. It is a perfect machine for creatives, video editors, or anyone who works extensively in 4K resolution. It also has many ports – including six Thunderbolt 3/USB-C connections, four USB-A connections, and an SDXC card slot. It’s expensive but so worth it if you need its capabilities.

Review Of IMac Pro I7 4k

Apple’s I7 4K IMac Pro Details: 

IMac, the latest pro machine from Apple, is a beast of a machine. It’s big, though, massive. So big that it’s impossible to take it with you in a backpack or suitcase, but who wants to take a computer across the globe? I would never recommend traveling with one of these monsters. It’s up to you how you want to carry it around. There are other options: getting an easy carry case, a rolling briefcase with wheels, and a laptop bag with wheels attached.

In terms of portability, IEMac is usable with one exception: the keyboard. It’s simply too small to get a good typing experience. Thankfully it has a trackpad that can be used as a mouse, but still, if you’re in the field, you’re on your own without your laptop and must scrounge around in your bag for another keyboard or mouse.

Type Of Display For IMac Pro I7 4K

There are only two options for the iMac Pro: an all-in-one (which lets you see your laptop) or a 21.5″ 4K Retina display touch display. As far as I can tell, you wouldn’t want to own both as they are connected too much; if you need both, get a two- or three-monitor set-up. Neither is worth the price tag.

The 4K display is beautiful, but its size is a problem. It’s big, like really big, around 20″, and it weighs about 5 pounds. If you want to carry it around with you, I would suggest getting an iMac Pro bag instead or investing in some additional carrying case. Most bags will work with the 4K display, but they will be bulky and heavy.

The IMac Pro I7 4k In Brief

The IMac Pro I7 4k is a beast of a machine. It’s enormous and heavy and will take up a lot of space if you buy the iMac Pro display. It’s expensive, so if you have money to burn, get one; otherwise, don’t even go near it with a ten-foot pole.

With no optical drive, well, that means you have to buy an external one. This machine is all about options. If you need an optical drive to create discs or a Blu-ray player, get an external one. Otherwise, use the SD card slot and be happy with that. It’s only $1,000, and Apple has everything else in the bag. After all, this isn’t a laptop, so get it from the bag.

IMac Pro I7 4K Storage

There are only two options for memory on the IMac Pro: 32GB or 128GB. You cannot get a 1TB storage option on this machine because it’s simply too expensive. There is also no way to manually swap out memory modules in this machine, so if you want any other amount of memory, you’ll need to buy an external card and keep it inside the machine.


For the price, the IMac Pro I7 4k is an excellent machine. It’s powerful and will easily handle any task you can throw at it. If you’re a video editor or programmer, this is the perfect laptop. For general consumers, there are cheaper options that’ll do all of your tasks much better, but unfortunately, they don’t come from Apple.


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