Importance of Taking the GRE Mock Tests

Importance of Taking the GRE Mock Tests

GRE mock tests have been an incredibly helpful tool to help gauge the overall progress of your GRE preparation. Whether you’re planning to take the GRE sooner or later, you cannot skip GRE mock tests from your study schedule. Wondering why GRE mock tests are so important? Read this article to learn more about the importance of taking the GRE mock test and when to take the test during the course of your preparation. Before we begin, let us understand what is the structure of the GRE mock test?

What is a GRE Mock Test?

As the name implies, the GRE mock test is a replica of the actual GRE test that you’re preparing for. With exam-like questions and testing methods, the GRE mock test includes all the sections of the GRE test including analytical writing, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning. The structure of the GRE mock test is as follows:

  • Analytical Writing 

The GRE mock test includes an analytical writing section just like the actual GRE test. The AWA section includes two parts: analyse an argument and analyse an issue. With an overall duration of 60 minutes, the AWA section is split into two parts with 30 minutes each. The two parts that you are required to answer in the analytical writing in GRE involves analysing an argument presented to you and analysing an issue provided to you. You are required to produce your best write up that is cohesive and logically sound. 

  • Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative reasoning section of the GRE is also split into two sections with 20 questions each. While the overall duration of the quant section is 60 minutes, you will receive 30 minutes to answer each section. Depending on how you perform in the first section, the difficulty level of the second section will vary. Hence, the GRE is called a section-adaptive test and the same is true for a mock test as well.

  • Verbal Reasoning

Similar to the quant section, the verbal reasoning is also split into two parts and has 20 questions in it. Furthermore, the difficulty level of the next section depends on how you perform in the first one. However, the key difference between the verbal and quant section is time duration. While you get 60 minutes in total for the quant section, the verbal section is timed at 70 minutes with 35 minutes per section.

Now that you know how similar the structure of the GRE mock test is to the actual exam, let us understand the importance of taking mock tests.

Importance of Taking GRE Mock Tests

The GRE mock tests simulate the actual test, hence, taking them is essential. More so, taking these tests helps you to understand how you have progressed and what are your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have your mock scores, you can analyse your progress and get insights on which section and topic needs more attention. For instance, if you haven’t performed very well on the verbal section, then you can access the GRE verbal reasoning guide for your GRE verbal preparation and retake a mock test to see whether you have improved. Another added advantage of the GRE mock test is that it helps you overcome nervousness and anxiety that you may encounter during your actual test.

You’d be glad to know that ETS offers two GRE free tests on its website. The tests are called POWERPREP Online – Practice Test 2 and can be accessed upon creating an account with ETS.

Now that you know what the GRE mock test entails, its importance and how to access the free tests on ETS, you’re better aware and can plan your GRE preparations accordingly.


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