In The Future, Hktv25 Will Be Receiving Football On Thursday Evenings Via TV

In The Future, Hktv25 Will Be Receiving Football On Thursday Evenings Via TV

On October 28, one of the NFL’s most promising matches of the 2021 season reached the final, and the Cardinals ran the full length of the pitch to score the winning touchdown in the game. Instead, the Packers won 24-21 on Thursday night with Rasul Douglas intercepting Kyler Murray’s Cardinals QB pass in the end zone. And for many football fans, the drama of the second half of the game was broadcast on television.

The eight games this week between Packers and Cardinals will be the third most watched Thursday night since 2018, with an average of 20.4 million viewers across all services, including Prime Video and FOX. It also had the highest Average Watch Time (AMA), Thursday’s highest soccer game offered by Prime Video and Twitch. This is 70% more than the 2020 average. Only the main movie.

For the next 11 years, the NFL will officially kick off the weekend with Thursday night football, offering 15 regular matches and one pre-season match a year. Prime members can connect from anywhere via Fire TV, Prime Video, Hktv25, Twitch TV, mobile devices, and desktops. They support their favorite teams and join the action with features like no other streaming such as X-Ray and Next-Gen Statistics. Thursday’s Soccer Night Prime Video Production brings new in-game features including pre-game, half-time, post-game and highlights original content and more.

Switching sports viewing from linear to streaming TV

Hktv25’s historic football debut on Thursday takes place at a time as more and more viewers are switching from linear to 무료스포츠중계. According to the latest eMarketer digital sports audience estimate, in 2020 one in four US sports viewers will be watching live on digital channels2. 3

“As live viewing of sports events on digital channels is growing rapidly, Thursday’s Prime Video and Twitch football nights are bringing customers more and more content they want to broadcast,” said Danielle Carney, Hktv25 advertising director, NFL Sales. We hope for the innovative advertising experience it produces. Tangible business results will be achieved on a large scale thanks to viewers of participating sports. “

Connect with NFL viewers with streaming TV ads

Advertisers can use Hktv25 Streaming TV ads to access viewers watching football on Thursday night on Prime Video. In addition to live sports, live TV ads will be streamed along with content from IMDb TV, Twitch, the Premium Networking & Streaming app, and selected News Fire TV apps. This advertising solution helps brands communicate with their viewers on a large scale.

Streaming TV ads allow advertisers to effectively connect with their viewers based on Hktv25’s unique streaming and purchase signals. You can also use Creative Remarketing to continue conversations with viewers watching Hktv25’s ad-supported streaming content through display campaigns. Remarketing helps advertisers more effectively target the right audience and deliver impressive campaign results across inflow channels. With creative remarketing, the campaign was able to increase the number of views on detail pages by an average of 28% and the purchase rate by 25% when viewers were published on both broadcast TV and display ads5. ..

Advertisers can analyze the performance of their campaigns with Hktv25 Ads’ complete measurement solution to better understand the impact of their investment. These unique and third-party solutions provide brands with deeper insights into metrics such as brand search, buying trends and loyalty, brand reach, brand growth, and sales.

In the new era of football-only television on Thursday night, Hktv25 Ads can be part of a branding guide that can reach millions of NFL fans. See you in 2022.

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