Innovative ideas to reuse broken diamond rings into a new jewellery

Innovative ideas to reuse broken diamond rings into a new jewellery

If your diamond ring has been broken for a long time, then it’s time to reuse it. The ring might hold sentiments and hence you cannot just sell it but reuse it and wearing it again as a different piece of jewellery can save both- your sentiment and the diamond studded in the ring. Here are a few ideas given to reuse your

Diamond Necklace

If you have got more than one diamond ring and want to reuse the diamond for some other jewellery then the best option for you can be a beautiful diamond necklace. This option becomes more perfect when the diamond ring you own is a solitaire engagement ring that does not have designs or patterns like pave setting or halo setting. To reuse the diamond of the solitaire diamond ring, the jeweller shall remove the diamond from the ring and with the help of certain tools and place it inside a pendant clam. If asked, the jeweller can also use the metal of the ring and create a pendant clam. Almost every diamond can be reused and mounted as pendants. Bezel settings are ideal if durability is your primary aspect.


Earrings are trendy jewellery you can make from your broken diamond ring and the best part is earrings do not require much gold. You can easily make a pair of diamond stud earrings with your broken diamond. However, to make a pair of rings, you will need two solitaire diamonds because a jeweller cannot make a pair of earrings with just a single solitaire. To make it affordable you can buy Lab grown diamonds UK and make them earrings. Some earrings are trendy and contemporary and investing hundreds of dollars for the trends that shall fade after a few years is not something very mindful. So, making those trendy earrings with your broken diamond ring is a good and affordable option.

A bracelet

Many might think that how can a goldsmith create a bracelet with a tiny ring, but goldsmiths can turn any ring into other jewellery. To make a bracelet from a ring the gold or the metal of which the ring is made is melted first and weights. Then the metal is used by giving after giving a curved or necessary shape to it. For instance, if you want to make a platinum bracelet, the gold of the ring can be used to make the bezel on which the diamond can be placed. The gold of the ring is used for making designs on the bracelet. However, one should know the weight of the gold after its melted so that the jeweller does not cheat.


A ring from a ring is the best option. Even if you are making a new gold ring the metal needs to be melted first, weighed, and only then, taken for making a new ring. Suppose you have a solitaire wedding ring but you are bored with such a simple ring, then you can make a halo diamond ring or a pave setting ring. Making a ring out of a ring is easier than making any other thing.


Broaches lift your look to a certain extent and a diamond-studded broach is a piece of admiration. If you are a broach lover, then reusing your broken diamond ring and making a diamond broach can prove to be a great idea for you. Broaches can be worn with any attire but many people do not want to invest much in a broach, so making it with old gold jewellery is a good option for you.
Hatton Gardens Jewellers can repurpose your broken diamond ring and make it new jewellery that you would love to own. It would also be affordable as you don’t have to buy the diamond as you already have it in your old ring.

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