Iphone 11 Review: Apple Finally Makes Affordable Flagships

Iphone 11 Review: Apple Finally Makes Affordable Flagships

The iPhone 11 is not as impressive as the Pro family, but is quite similar to them and is muchly more affordable. It holds a great camera, a solid battery, and flagship feel. These are just 3 flagship-class features that make the iPhone 11 an obvious choice for apple fans. For apple fans, it shows that Apple is finally making affordable flagship devices with more efficient and durable repair parts of the iPhone 11. It is also a good choice for android users as the parts of iPhone 11 are easily accessible. 

There are three main replacement hardware differences between the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro family: 

  • Display size, resolution, and type 
  • Battery size and the lack of fast charging out of the box 
  • The camera configuration 

There are some other minor differences that make the iPhone 11 downgrade from the iPhone 11 pro and pro max. Keep on reading we’ll let the article do the talking. 

Well, cheap is a bit of an exaggeration. As the iPhone 11 is available at an affordable average price 900$ for the 64GB variant. Parts and accessories for iPhone 11 are also cheap and available all over the world. The iPhone 11 still with such an average price performs like a flagship device. 

Users praise the iPhone 11 pro and pro max for their matte glass, which really makes it feel like a high-end device. The iPhone 11 replaced the glossy back. Which makes it less slippery than the pro max, but is much of a fingerprint magnet. The pro and pro max feature stainless-steel frames, while the iPhone 11 goes with an aluminum frame. 

Apple wants the user to differentiate that the Pro versions are better, but not to lose its customer it did its best to offer mid-range flagship iPhone 11. Since the specifications are a bit different you get to save some money if you buy the iPhone 11. Slightly different the parts of the iPhone 11 are much cheaper as compared to the pro and pro max. Side by side it ensures the user that any damage or repair to iPhone 11 won’t leave you with a painful headache. However, the iPhone 11 is still attractive looks stunning and packs features of today’s flagship devices. 

The iPhone 11 is a better choice than the Pro variants. The iPhone 11 Parts are also available online at such an affordable price that it might attract android users who are interested in trying Apple devices but are not willing to spend a grand or more. 

The replacement display of iPhone 11 is a noticeable step back from the pro as well as many android phones. Instead of the expensive high-resolution AMOLED display, the iPhone 11 display is a 6.5 inches LCD with a resolution of 1792 x 828. Though the display of the iPhone 11 now feels a bit washed out as compared to other flagship devices. Still, it isn’t a bad experience, it’s just a little more impressive than the Pro variants. 

This is the best camera in this price range

The replacement camera of the iPhone 11 isn’t much different from the Pro and Pro Max. Though it lags behind the telephoto lens. It only retains the standard and wide-angle camera lenses. While Apple claims it has enhanced the standard camera via hardware calibration. In everyday photos taken the iPhone 11 performed well. The photos taken with the iPhone 11 looked pretty similar to the photos taken by 11 pro cameras. 

Photos taken in daylight look great. Well, we must mention that it takes exceptional pictures at night, thanks to Apple’s impressive and enhanced night mode. We still miss the telephoto lens but one can survive without it. 

What’s the battery life like? 

The iPhone 11 pro max has a great battery life, and similarly, the replacement battery of the iPhone 11 performs well. Though the battery of the iPhone 11 needs to charge one time to survive a day with regular use. If you are an aggressive user you will need to charge the phone mid-day. those who are more modest users likely will need to charge it twice. It may be a trouble for them. The battery of the iPhone 11 loses its capacity if you don’t use the universal slow 5W charger that comes with it. But don’t worry about that too. The battery replacement of the iPhone 11 is available in the market. At an affordable price, it can be replaced within a few minutes. 

Apple along with the iPhone 11 does not provide a charger. So, it’s better to get a 5W charger which is slow rather than the Pro’s 18W fast charger. You can buy an official charger online or by visiting any nearest Apple Store. It’s better to buy a third-party charger even cheaper without paying any extra money. 

The iPhone 11 battery has great battery life. 

Who is the iPhone 11 for? 

The iPhone 11 is best for people who want the flagship feel at an affordable price. It is for those who are worried about expensive repair and maintenance. The iPhone 11 parts are available online at a cheap price. The iPhone 11 is a decent phone in return for less price. It also attracts many users who want to join the Apple League. 

Where the iPhone 11 loses ground

The iPhone 11 comes at an affordable price. Its replacement parts and accessories are cheaper than the pro variants. Still, it features many specs that aren’t available in today’s android flagships. 

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The iPhone 11 build quality is not so durable. So, we suggest you use a protective case. The display can be protected by using the apple tempered glass screen protector. Though the LCD and Ifun tv display isn’t expensive and can be replaced easily. But you should guard the iPhone 11 display before it shatters and gives you pain. We suggest that you use a standard 5W charger for the best battery life. As other charging adapters drain the battery much faster and ifun make the iPhone 11 battery lose its capacity. 

So that’s it, you now surely will be able to realize how Apple is balancing its market value. Facilitating the Pro users and its mid-range customers. 

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