Is business coaching for you?

Is business coaching for you?

The process followed by the business coach aims to identify your areas of improvement, by asking you many questions, to take stock of the state of play and find the most effective way to progress. You will have to establish an action plan that you will put into practice consistently, because coaching is an action-oriented process. The coach does not tell you what to do, but helps you identify it. During the sessions, you can identify skills to acquire and others already possessed to develop through training, or orientation and motivation advice. The overall goal is always focused on enabling your business growth, productivity and increased profits to make it more successful and you thrive.

A la carte business coaching, in the form that suits you

Business coaching can be focused on all disciplines of running a business: leadership, goal achievement, sales and marketing, communication, planning, management, team building…Although it may include training , it is mainly focused on helping you achieve your goals, while providing the necessary support for your business and yourself. The role of business coaching is to help you achieve your goals, discover the best way to do it, and provide support and encouragement throughout the process. From your plan or strategy, you identify the steps and take the measures oriented towards these objectives. You can benefit from business coaching in several ways, in the form of a workshop or seminar, in a group,

Business coaching gives you constructive feedback

Mentoring is often part of business coaching, it starts from the experience of the coach and the advice he gives you, especially if it calls for specific expertise. Like an athlete with his coach, you discuss with him the best way to win and be the best. He focuses on your personal needs and brings you an objective view and different perspectives through his external vision. It’s a real partnership, a close collaboration, it gives you support, encouragement and flexibility so that you must be able to enjoy what you want, a unique ongoing relationship that focuses on you and what you want most, with a global approach to your personal development, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Are you ready to be coached?

Of course, coaching is tailor-made support to enable you to excel in your role and improve your know-how and interpersonal skills in your responsibilities. It allows you to develop an appropriate strategy and above all to succeed in the most difficult thing: change. But it only works if you are willing to be coached. A priori everyone is, but with their rate of progression. Success requires your willingness to be oriented, if you are not open to this idea, it will be difficult; it also involves humility and the ability to accept the truth, it is not about hiding what is unpleasant from you, and you have to answer questions honestly; the sense of responsibility is also crucial, you must consider yourself truly responsible for your actions, look at yourself in the mirror as you are, and not to impute to others what belongs to you; Finally, your motivation to act must be total, because acting means changing, and changing means getting out of your comfort zone to grow.

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