Is it possible to have an abortion without breaking the hymen?

Is it possible to have an abortion without breaking the hymen?

Abortion is done with thin plastic cannulas or as well with pill Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE. These cannulas must also be advanced through the hymen opening in order to pass from the vagina to the uterus. Therefore, the back and forth movement of the cannula during curettage causes contact and friction with the hymen. If it is desired to have an abortion without damaging the hymen, it is tried to be done with thinner cannulas and slower movements . In this way, abortion can be performed without breaking the hymen . However, in some girls, the hymen is thin and structurally weak. In such people, the hymen can be damaged or torn during abortion, no matter how careful it is.

How to have an abortion without breaking the hymen?

Abortion  can be performed without breaking the hymen or also with the tablet Best Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE  . However, it cannot be guaranteed . Abortion is currently performed using thin, plastic hollow and relatively bendable cannulas. The cannula is advanced from the vaginal entrance to the uterine cavity and negative pressure is provided from the other end, and the pregnancy and its appendages are taken out. Abortion can be done with thinner cannulas without damaging the hymen. Performing the procedure under ultrasound control increases its effectiveness and reliability.

The abortion with Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE takes about 10-15 minutes. Since it is performed under anesthesia, the person does not feel pain or pain. If sedation anesthesia is used, he does not remember the moment of the procedure. With the vacuum technique, abortion has become a comfortable intervention today.

Is the hymen damaged in an abortion?

In women with a healthy hymen, thinner cannulas are used so that the hymen is not damaged during abortion. During the procedure, more attention is paid to prevent damage to the hymen. In this way, an abortion is tried to be done without damaging the hymen. Very rarely , rupture can be seen in those with a weak and thin hymen located anteriorly .

Can the hymen be sutured after abortion?

After abortion with Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE, the hymen can be planted . It is recommended that at least 4-6 weeks pass after abortion for hymen repair. Because the blood supply to the genital area due to pregnancy has increased. The vagina is more edematous and sensitive. Hymen repair can be done by waiting for the effects of pregnancy to disappear and the uterus to heal and recover after abortion.

If there are small tears in the hymen during the abortion, it is possible to sew them directly with end-to-end repair. However, in women whose integrity is completely impaired and the number of residual fragments is not sufficient, the flap method is repaired.

Abortion in the big week of pregnancy

In cases where abortion is required in the large gestational week, such as the detection of anomaly in the baby, the hymen will most likely be broken. Because it is not possible to perform abortion with small cannulas in pregnancies over 10 weeks. In addition, it may be necessary to use instruments called metal curettes. In such a case, it is difficult to ensure the integrity of the hymen.

Does diagnostic abortion break the hymen?

Diagnostic abortion can be performed without damaging the hymen. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Because in cases of medical necessity, curettage should be performed in the most appropriate way in order to diagnose and start treatment as soon as possible. Diagnostic curettage can usually be done to identify the cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding, to remove or remove a piece of intrauterine tumor or polyp.

hymen recommendations after abortion

  • Vaginal tampons should not be used in order not to damage the hymen after abortion,
  • Fingers should not be entered during masturbation,
  • Care should be taken that there is no vaginal penetration in relations,
  • If the hymen is planned to be planted after abortion, recovery and recovery of the uterus should be expected,

It is possible to get pregnant again after an abortion without breaking the hymen, so you can get information from your doctor from Get abortion pills in Dubai about contraception methods.

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