Learning and Surveying Through Playing | Kiddie Academy of Stafford

Learning and Surveying Through Playing | Kiddie Academy of Stafford

Learning and surveying through playing:

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In this United States, Ammy’s Mom worked in child care and education for the past year before having her Munchkins and starting her blog. She believes that children learn the best, not by sitting at a table with paper and pencil.

But with hands-on participation activities, Her goal with this blog is to help the child out of their seats to explore and learn, whether through sensory, seasonal, or artistic activities. Amy also wrote general, raising posts on topics, such as the importance of grandparents, part-time and self-care for parents.

Not just cute:

Amandamorman believes that the way children learn should not just be cute. It should have meaning. The mother of these four children gets a study degree. Blogger-She Master in human development – use different methods from what you see in other early childhood educational blocks.

During her graduation, Morgan said she read the abundance of exciting research, child development, news, and philosophy but wondered if the right person Wonder had heard about IT, parents, and teachers.

That’s what she came in. In this blog, Amanda uses her education to describe the research and development of children in practice for parents. Sample post includes topics covering the importance of playing, the impact of the Internet on children, and how to promote knowledge in preschool children.


Were you looking for creative fuel? TinkerLab is a great starting point. This blog was founded by a professional, creative Rachelle Doorley to bring the art of study as the most children.

Activities and Ideas are recommended in this blog, urging children’s curiosity and creativity by pushing them to explore and discover without fear of failing in many cases. Other activities regarding efforts and results. Learning over the perfect creasing END

Teaching preschoolers:

This lengthy blog works, founded by Deborah Stewart, ECE, a teacher, writer, and a small private owner. She believes that education should learn and grow along with students.

Her teaching model includes a variety of methods, including art projects, music, outdoor activities, science experiments, storytelling, and all others that can be found on the blog!

Education Spin IT:

You do not need to sit at Medent to be obedient, according to Boyarshinov Amanda and Kim VIJ, the dynamic pair behind this blog. Both old teachers share resources in Spanning topics from science and planting trees in writing and educating worldwide. Plus, their content is divided into functional categories, making it easy and quick to find what you need.

Preschool Toolbox:

Preschool Toolbox is a valuable resource for teachers, parents, and ECE experts. Followers can buy premature and kindergarten lesson plans for small fees or browsing. “Preschool Resources” Section for finding free materials and learning the perfect tool for what you are teaching.

Education Week 12:

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Education Week is an independent organization. Comprehensive news – you guessed it, everything related to education. During their first year, many blogs of the article focus on early childhood education, education policy, news, and research.

This is a great place to start for people who want to keep up with the event. Latest in early childhood education


Every gospel teacher enjoys their share, free activity for printing, and that is what this blog promotes. Existing assets for infants, children, preschool and focused on a variety of categories such as art, math, puzzles, and seasonal Viviana blog builders, have a background in teaching, graphic design, art architecture, and of course maternal architecture.

Cassie Stephens:

Cassie Stephens isn’t your general teacher art, not just But she created her his unique dress (Check that the pizza skirt), her colorful blocks, killing features of art and crafts – ideas for different students, capabilities – although it should be noted that some people may be an advanced bit for preschoolers.

In this blog, you will find a wealth of fun and score, favorite activities and ideas to pick up children, creativity, flow. You can also find a video, video, teach, and weekly podcasts on her blog.

Never learn to stop:

An incredible network of teachers and parents out there is eager to share in early. Of childhood development Collection of preschoolers, teachers will help the best learning environment for kids.

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