Kitchen Without Handles Or With Them You Rule The Design

Kitchen Without Handles Or With Them You Rule The Design

Have you noticed the progressive disappearance of handles in kitchens? This trend is not due to any very specific factor. Quite simply, as happens so many times in the field of design, eliminating them is a mere aesthetic issue. Handleless kitchens are neither better nor worse than their counterparts. They are different. Generally, getting rid of them implies opting for a diaphanous kitchen without obstacles in sight, with that touch of balance that, once again, seems to be almost exclusive to minimalist kitchens.

Kitchen cabinets without handles, one more option

As we said at the beginning, a kitchen without handles is just a personal decision. Same as the color of the appliances or the rest of the decoration. In fact, although they live in a time of new splendor, the so-called ‘gola’ handles already existed in the 70s. We refer to that indentation in the door or the furniture drawer that, being technical, is still a handle. From a purely functional aspect, choosing kitchen furniture without handles is a highly recommended option for those who do not have much space, or even very narrow.

A fairly common example of this type of kitchen is those with built-in appliances. Hiding them behind a piece of furniture and eliminating the handles creates a very harmonic and homogeneous sensation. In the absence of its usual mechanism, you have to choose the mechanism to open the doors and drawers. A very comfortable and practical one is the push-pull, of which you should always make sure of its good quality. No one likes drawers to stop closing properly after a short time.

If you want a kitchen without kitchen cupboard handles, at Decoranddecor we have, for example, a professional heating module with push-pull opening. Just a slight pressure is enough to open it and cook with it at a low temperature or keep dishes warm until it’s time to bring them to the table . An evolution of this system is the open Assist of built-in dish washers. You also have to apply light pressure, but in this case at any point on the furniture door. In this way we manage to eliminate even the rim handle, leaving the dishwasher practically invisible.

Although at Decoranddecor we always seek to take your kitchen to another level and we take the absence of kitchen cupboard handles a little further: auto Open Dry, an exclusive feature of models such asIt is, is an automatic door opening system for dishwashers. After finishing the drying phase, it opens automatically. You forget to do it yourself and the process is also simplified: by reducing the temperature in the drying phase, the dishes will not be hot when the door is opened.

Are handles always necessary for heavier appliances?

It doesn’t always have to be that way. The evolution of the taste for a kitchen that dispenses with them has also given way to different innovations, but as practical as the previous ones. This is the case of the soft closing integrated in the hinge that incorporates all the built-in refrigerators Decoranddecor. In addition to supporting heavier doors, they make the door close automatically from 20º to contribute to perfect food preservation and energy savings.

The shooters are still present

Kitchen without kitchen cupboard handles yes or no? The debate has been served for a long time. And our recommendation is that you do not automatically reject any of the options without prior evaluation. Shooters are accused of being a nuisance or lack of aesthetics. This second statement is the one that generates the most controversy. The kitchen cupboard handles have been reinvented to provide a modern and very personal touch to the kitchen as a whole. There are not a few designers who use them as elements to enhance the furniture and raise its visual impact. They could even be considered essential to open certain cabinets, installed high up, for example.

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