Mobile marketing strategies for small businesses

Mobile marketing strategies for small businesses

Here are some of the best Mobile Marketing Strategies for driving traffic to your website and increasing your target audience.

Location-based marketing:

If your small business has a mobile app, you can use location-based marketing techniques such as geofencing to market to mobile users in a specific area, which is especially useful for small businesses with physical locations. It is also useful for ecommerce sites that provide local recommendations, such as food delivery or travel services.

Responsive site design:

Mobile website optimization can triple your chances of increasing mobile conversion rates to 5% or higher, but only 35% of businesses use it.

Aside from responsive site design, the most common ways to optimize your website are mobile-specific development platforms, incorporating HTML5 into your site, and employing adaptive design.

Social media advertisements:

People are encouraged to buy products from their favorite brands as a result of social media. In fact, 76 percent of Indian consumers have purchased something after seeing a post featuring the product from a brand they like. When it comes to social media strategy, most businesses prioritize brand awareness.

Mobile-friendly content:

In general, mobile optimization refers to elements of your site’s infrastructure. However, this is not the same as being mobile friendly. Consuming content on mobile devices differs from doing so on a desktop computer.

Shorter sentences, engaging headers, and relevant media, such as high-quality images and videos, are preferred. People are more likely to skim content, so make it simple for them to do so.

Voice search optimization:

People are increasingly turning to voice search as smart devices with voice capabilities make their way into homes.

The use of voice search has the potential to increase sales. Following a voice search, the most common actions are calling a business found, exploring a company’s website, or visiting a local store.

Text message marketing:

When it comes to using text messaging in your mobile marketing strategies, digital coupons are an effective technique. Coupons received via text message are used ten times more frequently than coupons obtained through other means.

Videos and GIFs:

Incorporating video into your social media campaigns is a powerful way to increase customer engagement. After watching a social media video, more than half of consumers will interact with a brand. When it comes to engaging with millennials, the figure is even higher.

On-site and in-app support:

Customer support is critical to your customer experience, whether it’s a live chat feature embedded in your website or an in-app support feature that allows you to connect with someone right away.

It is nearly half of all people’s preferred mode of communication.

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