More success through interactive videos

More success through interactive videos

As interactive video continues to grow in popularity among both brands and consumers, many companies are looking at how to include it in their marketing mix. And it makes sense; Viewers watch interactive video ads 47% longer than linear video ads, giving you a lot more bang for your buck than traditional, static video. If you haven’t thought about how interactive video can help you achieve your marketing goals, now is the time. Best of all, you don’t have to be a video Cinema 8 production pro to make your videos interactive. There are several online tools that you can use to add interactive elements to your videos be able. We’ve taken the time to review 15 of the most popular interactive video software companies so you don’t have to.

Interactive Video – Why you should use it

Before we dive into the different companies, let’s briefly describe what interactive video is and how you can use it. Put simply, it is an engaging type of video media where viewers can click directly on the video and interact with the content. Some of the most popular interactive features include hotspots, maps, forms, links, multi-screen view, 360 views, and branching.

These videos offer many advantages.

First and foremost, they give the viewer the ability to customize the video content they see. This chosen style for your adventure uses ramification techniques to make video watching more engaging and dynamic for viewers.

A new trend in e-learning: interactive video. With this format you can make your courses even more effective and interesting for your users. Interactive learning videos can also be easily integrated into classic e-learning areas such as micro learning and gasification. Read our 5 tips here.

Compact, interactive and entertaining – with interactive videos you can breathe new life into your learning courses. The new format is traded as the latest trend in mobile learning. With targeted user involvement and a wide range of possible uses, interactive videos are a great alternative to classic videos.

What are interactive videos?

With interactive videos, learning content that is individually tailored to your needs can be linked to moving images and a large number of user interactions. You have the option of various functions such as:

Classic single and multiple choice tasks

To be integrated into the respective learning modules in the form of text, graphic and image elements.

What are the advantages of interactive learning videos?

In contrast to passive and often monotonous, classic learning videos, interactive video formats have 5 decisive advantages:

1. High Impact

Interactive videos increase the penetrating effect on the learner by 10 times than passive videos.

2. High level of commitment to learning

A wide range of interaction options offer a varied learning experience and guide the user through a series of learning modules that build on one another. Thus, the attention and interest of the learners can be maintained for a long time.

3. 100% e-learning compatible

Interactive videos provide similar features as we know them from the classic e-learning area, including, for example, click & reveal and drag & drop, and can therefore also be more complex and cognitive in contrast to classic videos integrate more demanding learning content quizzes and concrete application tasks.

4. Addressing a broad target group

Interactive videos hit the nerve of the time and address a diverse target group of users. The format is particularly popular with the so-called millennialism – colleagues in the target group between 25 and 35 years of age.

5. Modizability

Interactive videos can easily be integrated into your individual learning strategy and combined with other e-learning trends, such as g. ramifications and micro learning. More on this in the following section.

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