Most Popular & Delicious Summer Wedding Cakes Ideas

Most Popular & Delicious Summer Wedding Cakes Ideas

Wedding season is here, so people want to get the best summery wedding cake styles to make their celebration extra special and memorable. Whether you’re looking for a great wedding cake design or something a little different, you can get it easily by choosing the best online cake shop.  

So, if you haven’t ordered or prepared your cake yet, and if you’re also looking for the perfect finishing touches, look no further! Keep reading to find out what lovely wedding cake you might have for your summer wedding…

Floral Cake

We’ll start with a floral design, a big favorite for summer wedding cakes. It’s the most popular option for weddings all year, especially during the warmer months; after all, nothing screams summer like a bouquet of vivid and elegant white flowers, daisies, and sunflowers.

Flowers play a key role in most weddings day ceremonies, from bridal bouquets to flower confetti tossed in the air to greet the newlyweds after the service. If you plan a wedding that will include fresh flowers, a floral-themed wedding cake is easy. You may also decide to use colors related to your overall theme.


You either admire or despise the cake style. Naked cakes are among the most popular alternatives for summer weddings due to their fruit, bright flowers, and seasonal tones. They’ve recently become popular, but they’re sure to be seen at weddings around the country. Naked cakes are an excellent choice if you want something that suits the theme, don’t like frosting, and want fresh fruit and components.

If a naked cake with the batter exposed isn’t your style, a semi-naked wedding cake can be a nice compromise. A semi-naked cake has a thin layer of frosting on top that enables you to see the spongy below. It is a fantastic online cake delivery or you can send cake to UK to make your wedding occasion more wonderful. 

Strawberry Cake

Fewer things say Summer like fresh strawberries, and they make the scummiest, tastiest, and easiest-to-create décor for a Summer wedding cake. Whether naked or decorated, just on top, between slices, or around your cake to have your friends’ mouths watering! …..

Hand-painted Cake

Hand-painted cakes are challenging to make, but they are ideal for personalizing your cake, showcasing the ability of the cake designer, and presenting a piece of art to your wedding table. Take your wedding cake to the next level with a hand-painted edible paint pattern if you’re a talented artist yourself or know a creative cake baker. Create a summertime feel with a hand-paint flower picture or colorful fresh fruit on wedding cakes.

The beauty of hand-painted cakes is that you can design something creative and unique that reflects you and your relationship. A special photo or hand-painted phrase that means something to you both can add a very personal touch, making your wedding cake an even greater part of the day. It is, after all, your big day!

White Cake

Whatever your style, theme, or color scheme, wedding cakes in white are a classic piece. Lift with delicate lace-inspired icing for a beautiful formal look, ruffles, waves, or rough buttercream for a somewhat more relaxed and modern style, or leave the icing completely smooth for ultimate elegance! You can also order and ask for online cake delivery and ask to send cake to UAE and get fresh cake at your venue on time. 


Metallic cakes are undoubtedly stylish. Their gleaming gold, bronze, or silver sheen appears almost inedible but wonderful. The metallic sheen can be created using a delicious paint/airbrush coating or a shine effect modeling paste for small models. Metallic cakes, which are trendy all year, can be integrated into a summer theme by combining silver’s sharp and dazzling brightness with bright summer colors.

There are various options available to you to ensure your metallic cake has a summery look. Floral embellishments are an easy option since they may brighten up a metallic cake design, making it stand out. The difference between a metallic design and bold, brilliant shades creates a noticeable impression that will surely make your wedding ceremony more beautiful.

These are the top-most trending summer wedding cakes that you can choose any of them according to your desire. You also get online cake delivery by choosing the best online cake shop. 


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