Master the Art of Pie Boxes and get Successful: 5 Tips

Master the Art of Pie Boxes and get Successful: 5 Tips


Pie boxes are utterly designed in a way that the pies inside do not lose taste, flavor, freshness, or nutritional value. The credit goes to the sturdy design that is wisely built with cardboard variants. These packages have great printability and show compatibility with great digital, offset, and 3D printing technologies. With the latest color models like CMYK and PMS, these boxes can be printed in the desired colorful graphics, patterns, and illustrations. It is easy to get them modified in numerous illustrative styles and a die-cut window design to produce a lasting impression. 


Creativity always comes inside of oneself, and it keeps on developing over time. The art of mastering the design of pie boxes is hard to learn. Several confectioners around the world spend a hefty sum of money on hiring a designer for accurate and precise designing of packages. But why waste a major chunk of your brand’s budget when you can develop this skill by yourself? You need to have patience because learning can take time. A word of caution in the packaging design process is to maintain a strict balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal. Let us dig deep and understand how one can get the packages designed flawlessly. 

Go For Inside Compartments:

Of course, you understand the significance of having a snug fit pie packaging box. No matter how expertly you have designed it according to the permissible product dimensions, some voids still remain. Even this little extra space in the box is enough to damage the frosting done on expertly baked pies. To make sure the frosting does not get smashed, build little compartments inside the box. These partitions would stop different pies from colliding with one another while being in a single box. What is more interesting, the taste and frosting of numerous pies inside the packaging would not get mixed up. Another benefit the cardboard-built inserts have to offer is the enhancement in the stacking strength of the custom pie boxes. Since the top of the inserts is touching the lid, they provide additional support to bear critical loads. 

Make It Airtight & Handy:

The moisture and humidity present in the air are detrimental factors that can make the pies lose their crunchiness and flavor. The customers are never fond of getting pies with compromised quality. They simply discard such edibles after the very first encounter. With that in your mind, make sure all the product packages are airtight before you place a pie box wholesale order. Or, design the boxes with an airtight closure. Another tip here is to go for an arched design having fluted layers by using corrugated cardboard. This will let your packages trap the air and stop it from getting any access to the pies. Also, remember to make the packaging design as handy as possible since the unboxing experience carries the most important for the clients. Simple additions in the design like handles and smart closures can do the job here. 

Narrate A Story With Artwork:

A high-end product is not what your pie business needs to outperform the major players in the market. But, it is the pie packaging box telling a brief tale of your brand that would make you stand out from the rest. Incorporate only the well-thought visual content in the packaging design that makes your brand’s purpose and intent very clear to the target audience. Properly illustrate your logo with an embossing technique to make a bold statement. You can also slot in some special color schemes in the box design that act as a trademark for your brand’s personality, values, and beliefs. Make sure all the visual elements complement your brand well because they tell a story that can make or break the viewership of your company. 

Add Striking Themes:

Nothing can devalue the significance of pie packaging supplies that are designed according to the customers’ lifestyles. Different celebratory occasions carry a great value in the lives of customers, such as Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Holidays, Christmas, etc. Customize your packaging boxes in such a way that their design signifies the festivity of the season. This will go on to make your baked products a compulsory part of the celebratory meal on specific occasions. Get a little creative and print some personal messages or colors and modify the boxes’ style according to the event’s themes. Some leafy illustrations and red and white color schemes printing would make them comply with the theme of Christmas. Such a striking design will draw the attention of potential clients towards your baked items in the event of Christmas. 

Windowpanes Are Must:

As the market for baked products like pies is becoming saturated, clients do not trust a brand quite easily. The demand for a product preview before a purchase is burgeoning all over the market. Bearing that in your mind, add special windowpanes at the lid or any other side of the pie packages that are facing the buyers. Pie boxes with windows are a sure way to bring transparency to your product presentation because the customers can easily have a glimpse at the pies. They matter a lot in developing a sense of trust among the shoppers by relaying a message that you have nothing to hide. 


To get one-of-a-kind pie boxes, it is direly needed to have a go at the customization methods that make them productive and eye-catching. Add in functionality and practicality to these packages with an airtight and dimensionally correct design. Also, add some attractive themes and translucent die-cut windows for a glimmering impression of their appearance. Such artistically designed packages would pledge you a stand-out impact. Make sure you purchase pie boxes in bulk to pay less price and save a handsome sum of money. 

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