Piso Wifi Pause time – All features guide

Piso Wifi Pause time – All features guide

Are you tired of being disconnected from the world? Well, no worries. We’ve put together this in-depth post to answer your questions about wifi. You can learn how to secure your wifi, create a guest network (for guests or smaller households), pause your wifi, enable parental controls, and see who’s connected to your wifi.

What is Piso wifi

Piso wifi is the new brand of home network setups for those who are too lazy to set up their network but have a growing demand for Piso internet service. A group under one roof with the same phone line and internet connection is known as the ‘Piso.’ Piso wifi is one of the most accessible, affordable, and efficient home network solutions.

It’s easy to set up, requires little IT skills, and allows you to have an internet connection without paying for a router or cable modem. Piso wifi works on friendly devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You don’t even need a router to connect your devices because of the WPA2 data encryption that comes default with your router.

What is Piso wifi pause time?

Piso wifi pause time is known as the ‘wireless pause.’ By pausing your wifi connection with a person’s user-friendly software, you can instantly break your wifi whenever you want. When you enable wifi, your Piso wifi connection will be restored automatically.

How do I secure my wifi?

Securing your Wi-Fi is the most important thing to do when you buy a new Wi-Fi router. Once confirmed, only suitable devices will be able to connect to your router. Otherwise, devices that are not authorized will be unable to access your Piso internet connection.

Your router’s SSID should have a password that is difficult to guess and often changed, so no one else has access. The password should have capital letters, small letters, numbers, and symbols like !@$. It shouldn’t be a word or a name.

What are the benefits of using Piso wifi

Your network is protected from unauthorized access by all devices within the home. Your Piso internet connection remains fully operational even when a computer is turned off, suspended, or hibernated. You don’t have to worry about someone else hacking into your personal information because your router has WPA2 encryption. You can enter a password for each device in your house to keep unwanted visitors away from your data and files.

Is there any drawback to using Piso wifi

Piso wifi has a few known issues, just like any other wifi router:

After a crash or restart, the network may not appear in your list of networks to connect to again. Please get in touch with our customer service team for assistance if this issue persists for over 24 hours. Piso wifi uses the computer’s Internet connection as a primary line, so if you suddenly lose your Internet connection, none of your devices in the home can access the Internet anymore. You cannot connect a static IP address to your Piso wifi account after you’ve logged into it.

Can I see who’s connected to my network?

With Piso wifi, you can see who is connected to your Piso wifi connection and how much bandwidth they are taking. You can also pause the bandwidth of an individual device.


Piso wifi is a new brand using the same equipment as Piso internet. However, Piso wifi isn’t an affiliate since you purchase the equipment directly from Piso via the website for your specific network, and we don’t receive a commission from the sale of it (you are charged by Piso now). Instead, we provide you with practical information and resources that may help you set up your piso wifi network just like ours.


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