PrestaShop Support: Handling Customer Services Management

PrestaShop Support: Handling Customer Services Management

As a PrestaShop seller, you know that customer service is the key to a successful brand. Happy customers mean repeat business and recommendations to their friends.

When something goes wrong with an order, it’s your responsibility to make it right with your PrestaShop support service.

But what do you do when things start going wrong before the order is even placed? How do you handle customer services management in PrestaShop? Keep reading to know.

PrestaShop has a great suite of tools for managing orders, customers, and communications. It makes it easy to keep your customers happy, provide them support, and your business running smoothly.

This is why this blog post covers:-

  • How to handle customer services management in PrestaShop?
  • How to handle customer service messaging in PrestaShop?
  • What are the customer service options in PrestaShop?
  • How to offer live support chat in PrestaShop?
  • How to resolve Prestashop fatal error no utf-8 support?

By following the tips we have covered, you can create a positive experience for your customers and build lasting relationships with them. So, let’s get started.

How to handle customer services management in PrestaShop?

Customer service tools by PrestaShop allow you to combine all of your clients’ requirements within the scope of its possibilities. When you use this function, it helps you to keep track of which discussion threads require responses rather than checking with all the recipients of the email to see whether anyone has responded.

Customers are assigned to two default customers under the “Contact Us” link under your office’s predefined contact form in practice.: “Webmaster” and “Customer Service”. Create a list of who should contact the client and then finish off the rest of the process. Your customer service software then creates an audio message to deliver over the phone.

Only contact entries with a “Save message?” are included in the customer support software. Option enabled. You can change or add more contacts by going to the “Contact” page under the “Customers” menu and selecting “Edit” from the drop-down menu.

If the customer’s selection is canceled, your customer service tool will only send a notification to their contact email address.

You’ll need to set up your IMAP settings correctly in order to retrieve customer replies to the email address supplied by the customer service tool. This is done in the “Customer Service Options” section at the bottom of the screen.

On this page, each contact has its own box where you may see new messages (i.e., still not read) right away. By default, there are two “Meaning of status” and “statistics” boxes that move left and bottom as you add more contacts.

When it comes to responding quickly to new communications, these two last boxes are simple:

  • Importance of Status: A simple prompt of colored codes that may be used in your group discussion thread.
  • Customer Service: Statistics: A look at your consumer service’s worldwide activity since the beginning.

The following is a list of both old and new messages that you may have received.

You can make changes to a few of the settings on the bottom of the page, which will be applied to all contacts:

Allow file upload: Do you attach a file to the customer message? As the consumer can snap photographs of on-screen issues, the front page display difficulties are beneficial in this situation.

Predefined message: Default template for your employee’s reply. Even if you need minor editing for every subject, it may apply to many situations because it is easy.

You have a “Customer Service Options” section at the bottom of the page where you can configure various settings for your mail (IMAP) server, including spam filtering.

How to handle customer service messaging in PrestaShop?

Customers can be fully handled through the entire customer service tool’s interface without the need for an email application such as Outlook or Thunderbird, in every discussion.

To view the details of a discussion, click the queue in the discussion list:

  • You can apply a few techniques to a discussion and handle them fast. There are four action options:
  • Mark as “Handled” or “Reopen”: The status of the conversation changes to “closed” or “open.
  • Mark “Pending 1” and Mark “Pending 2”: The meanings of these two levels are internal to your team: “closed” and “open” are the only ways you can use them. You don’t want to utilize them, and you can only rely on “closed” and “open”.
  • Send this discussion to another employee: The employee is responsible for the customer’s request at the moment he or she responds to the customer’s message. ‘
  • If you’re teaching another employee, use the same button to show them how instead of another employee. A notification will be sent to the individual.
  • If the individual who wishes to forward this conversation is not on the list, there will be two options in the drop-down menu labeled “Someone else” that can be used to indicate the recipient’s email address and your message.
  • Please respond to the next unresponsive message in this book.

Details required to start customer management services in PrestaShop

  • To learn more about your clients, go to their profiles and email addresses.
  • The number of purchases, the total cost, and the registration date for consumers.
  • Time and date of news.
  • Finally, the content of the message

To resolve this issue, use the form with your default message (found in the “Customer Service” page’s “Contact Options” area), and click “Send.”

At the bottom of the page, “Orders and Messages Timeline” offers a clear sequence view of all things discussed in this discussion thread.

What are the customer service options in PrestaShop?

This component aids in the proper configuration of your customer service tool’s access via the system’s user interface for your email server. It’s best to check that all of the fields are completed in the tool before using it. Your web host must provide all of the necessary information.

  • Like IMAP URL, IMAP port, IMAP user, and IMAP password. The following are the requirements for using the IMAP protocol to connect to an email server.
  • Delete news: Messages sent from your support tool’s account will be kept until it is retrieved by the server. Messages are deleted from the server once your customer service tool has received them. Use caution: This will not send your emails to other email clients.
  • / norsh: The connection to your email server is not established until you uncheck this option. This isn’t a good idea.
  • / SSL: If your email server is not secured, visitors may see the link to it. This isn’t suggested.
  • /validate-certification: If enabled, the server’s TLS / SSL certificate will be verified by your customer support tool.
  • / novalidate-certification: Your customer support tool will never attempt to verify the server’s TLS/SSL certificate if this option is enabled. Self-signed certificates require servers.
  • / Tls: If you check this box, your support tool uses startTLS to encrypt connections. Servers that do not support StartTLS will be rejected.
  • / notls: When session coding is enabled, your customer support tool will not be able to start TLS on servers that support server servers.

How to offer live support chat in PrestaShop?

Live support chat has many benefits like an improved support experience for customers. Faster customer acquisition and onboarding. A deeper relationship with customers. Reduction in cart abandonment. Increased team productivity, etc.

If you are planning to add live chat support and ticketing functionality to your PrestaShop store, you may explore the support and online chat modules provided by the company on their marketplace.

How to resolve Prestashop fatal error no utf-8 support?

The problem is most likely due to your hosting provider’s inability to support UTF-8 for SQL, which is preventing you from checking in.

Please comment out the following code in your classes/MySQL.php file to test this out:

if (!mysql_query(‘SET NAMES \’utf8\”, $this->_link))

 die(Tools::displayError(‘PrestaShop Fatal error: no utf-8 support. Please check your server configuration.’));

Hopefully, that will allow you to get around this restriction.

Last advice

As your business grows, you may find it difficult to manage customer service inquiries on your own. This is where a reliable PrestaShop support agency can come in and help take some of the load off of your shoulders.

By outsourcing customer service management, you can focus on more important tasks such as expanding your business and driving sales. We hope you have got the answers to the queries you were looking for. Thanks for reading!


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