Pros And Cons Of Lash Extensions

Pros And Cons Of Lash Extensions

Every person aspires to look physically beautiful, or they may aspire to have certain features, while every creature is created by God with utmost love and perfection, one can still try and adopt certain features. There are many beauty treatments that are popular among people that can help them beautify themselves. In this article, we will be discussing various pros and cons of lash extensions.

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions refers to a beauty treatment in which synthetic lashes are applied individually on the natural lashes of a person to elongate the length of the natural lashes. 

These synthetic lashes are usually made of mink fiber, faux material, or silk fibers, and are fixed strand by strand onto the lashes of the person.

Pros of Lash extensions:

1. Less time to get ready:

After getting a lash extension one needs to spend less time on makeup. Lash extensions help women to cut down the hassle of applying a colossal eye sketch, eyeliner, and mascara, which on average has brought down the duration of make up from fifty-five minutes to eleven minutes. 

Thus, it saves time.

2. Waterproof:

After getting a lash extension one does not need to worry about falling off of the extension if exposed to water.

Extended lashes are fixed to the natural lashes with specially made medical glue that is waterproof, one only has to wait for the initial cure hours after the treatment.

3. Painless process:

The process of lash fixing has evolved over time, previously artificial lashed had to be sewed onto the natural lashes, but now with the change and advancement in technology, special medically made glue is available that helps in fixing the artificial lashes without pain.

4. Lasts long:

In comparison to artificial strip lashes, lashes that one gets after undergoing the lash extension treatment last really long.

While strip lashes can only stay for a maximum of twenty-four hours, an extended lash can last for around four months without hassle.

5. Experiment with look is possible:

One can experiment with their look every time they go for a lash refill. One can try out babydoll lashes, cat eyelashes, etc.

This helps them to stay in trend and experiment with their look as much as they want.

Cons of Lash extensions:

1. Causes allergies:

The lash extension process may not suit well to everyone. The glue used to fix the extension on natural lashes may cause allergies to some people.

Some people may get an eye infection or feel the discomfort of different kinds such as swelling, redness, etc.

2. May adversely affect natural lashes:

In the process of lash extension, artificial lashes are affixed on the natural lashes using a medically created adhesive. This adhesive might destroy the natural fibers of the lashes or heavier extensions can cause stress or add weight to the natural lashes, resulting in falling off of the natural lashes.

3. Costly:

The procedure of lash extension is costlier than simply using strip lashes. Strip lashes are one of the cheapest options available that can fit into any person’s pocket or budget, but they do not last very long.

A lash extension can cost starting from 5000 INR but can last for around four months.

4. Time-consuming process:

The process of lash extension consumes a lot of time, it can require more than one sitting that too can from 45 minutes to an hour for its application in one sitting.

For some people, a single sitting might not be sufficient for the application of a single classic set of eyelashes, one has to visit the professional more than once.

5. Requires maintenance and refill:

A lash extension can last for around four months and one has to get a refill after that. Lash extension requires a lot of maintenance, while they are on one need to regularly clean them, and brush them to make sure that the lashes stay in shape and retain a good hold.

One has to include an eyelash care routine into their daily schedule.

Thus, these were the pros and cons of a lash extension.

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