Pros of Living in a Gated Community

Pros of Living in a Gated Community

A gated housing society is one where the society has a boundary wall surrounding it with only 2 or 3 heavily guarded exits. Most people prefer living in gates societies due to the security and privileges provided to the residents. Due to all these reasons, the development of fenced housing schemes has become a fast-growing trend in Pakistan’s real estate market 



     The security provided by gated housing societies is unmatched as compared to other residential areas in Pakistan. People prefer living here due to the sense of security they feel knowing that the exits to the society are well guarded by licensed personals. These guards play a key role in maintaining the peace of the society by keeping any unwanted or unknown people from entering the society. Unless the visitors provide proper information regarding their visit, along with submitting their ID card, the guards will not let them in. This setting also reduces the chances of the residents being robbed and provides a sense of relief for them. Get the idea from the Rudn Enclave.

     Residents have a stronger sense of security when living in a gated housing complex since entry to the area is closely restricted, and no unauthorized cars are permitted inside. The Residents can carry on with their daily lives without having to face any inconveniences such as running into unwanted individuals. 


     One of the most appealing aspects of living in a housing society is the sense of belonging. The people who live in such areas form one huge community. Moreover, such communities often have clubhouses and community halls where residents can gather together, learn about one another, and enjoy all of life’s big celebrations together, including festivals and events celebrating significant moments. Residing in such a socially dynamic atmosphere makes it easier to find friends who are close by and have common interests


      Heavy traffic generally is not allowed inside housing societies, allowing only slow-moving small vehicles that belong to the residents. Due to this, most housing societies have little to no traffic jams even during peak hours (school and office timings) this reduces the risk of residents being involved in road accidents, making it safer for children, older residents, and pets to cross the street. 

    This also creates a safer surrounding and allows small children to play outside in the streets. This safe environment for the children is another major reason why people favor living in gated societies. 

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     The facilities and amenities provided by gates societies to the residents are unmatched. Due to this, gated housing schemes are always a trending topic in the real estate market. This increases the market value of residential plots and properties in gated societies. Investing in residential property in a gated society is always a good option because the rental rate for the property will be comparatively higher. Although investing in a fenced housing scheme can be a little out of budget for most people, it’s a profitable investment since the market value of these residencies increases each year.


       Most housing schemes are designed with more than enough area allocated to leisure activities. The layout of the gated housing society is carefully designed long before development on the ground begins. This enables the developers and engineers to create an ideal residential community layout with an ample number of places allocated to recreational activities. As a result, many of Pakistan’s newly built walled communities provide a variety of recreational amenities such as parks, community centers, theme parks, sports complexes, and gyms.

     When discussing the pros of living in a gated society, Bahria Town is one name that cannot be missed. This residential scheme is among the most elite real estate developments in Pakistan, featuring nearly all of the advantages listed above. As of now, Bahria Town has three housing projects in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and in all three of them, residents can experience next-level residential happiness. Bahria Town projects also provide several profitable investment opportunities for realtors and buyers alike. 

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