Quite Happy to find this amazing collection Vintage Swiss Voile by Lala with pretty hues and designs

Quite Happy to find this amazing collection Vintage Swiss Voile by Lala with pretty hues and designs

Summers are here and we all are searching for the latest summer trends and designs. The season of lawn war by various brands have started and we all are ready to select the best possible summer unstitched suit options. It’s time to indulge in the mesmerising beauty of summer prints and lively colours. But searching for any suit online is not an easy task. When you are provided with various options, it becomes more difficult to select any single option.

You may find multiple brands online promoting their summer unstitched collection but not every collection is worth buying. Purchasing anything online comes with a lot of risks. You might order something after seeing its picture but in reality you get a totally different thing, not even close to that picture.

You must be thinking of buying some nice ladies summer dresses to upgrade your wardrobe. The question arises here: From where to buy some exquisite summer designs? Well, the answer is: From a brand that offers you quality products at the best prices and have so many positive reviews. No matter how big or small a clothing brand is, If it sticks to the commitment of delivering the top-quality, it is good.

Why does quality of fabric matters?

Product quality is an important factor whether we buy offline or online. If a product has good quality, it will last longer than you expect. No doubt great styles hold up well over a time which means you will spend some extra bucks in order to get the premium quality unstitched clothes. Poor quality clothes don’t last longer and result in faded colours, rips or tears on the fabric ultimately getting discarded. While a high quality summer fabric goes a long way due to its strength and durability. Always look for the superior quality clothes even if you have to pay a little extra.

Which brands are offering the best unstitched collections?

Many brands are just selling their summer unstitched suits by marketing them to a greater extent resulting in high sales temporarily but the actual goal should be making loyal customers. This can only be done when you incorporate the right combination of attractive hues, striking designs and the best prices in unstitch embroider suits. An important point to discuss here is the buying pattern or behaviour of customers who shop online.

Some customers focus highly on pricing while there will be others who just want premium quality. If you are a thrifty person you may not go for any expensive designer wear dresses. But if you are crazy about quality then you will even pay extra amount if you have to.

If we talk about few good brands. Then the name of Lala, Afrozeh and Ramsha comes on top of the list.

They are selling gorgeous unstitched summer collections at the most reasonable prices. But the best one that has urg us to order it immediately. Is ladies unstitched suit collection ‘Vintage Swiss Voile’ by Lala. Their 3 piece unstitched collection is a beautiful fusion of sprightly hues, enchanting embroidery and lovely designs. Yes you heard it right! Not just simple embroidery patches but a detailed intricate embroidery on shirt front. Now this is something that was missing in many spring /summer collections by brands.


Afrozeh and Ramsha are also selling their unstitched collections but they are charging more than Lala. Lala just launched its latest collection composed of Swiss Voile fabric. Swiss Voile is a very lightweight, delicate and sheer fabric that is typically woven in loose squares from refine cotton. It looks very thin but it is quite durable and easy to customize. Unstitched dresses online by Lala are actually worth buying as they provide the real value for money. If we compare the quality again Vintage Swiss Voile. Takes the clear cut lead due to the superior quality of their clothes. Shopping becomes double fun when you finally find the design and color of your choice. Afrozeh is more towards producing heavily embroidered suits. While Lala is targeting to conserve the traditional style with a pinch of modernism. The well organised and balanced embroidery on the suits enhances its overall loom.

Which brand to go for?

Let’s do a brief price comparison of the unstitched dresses online of these three brands. Vintage Swiss Voile by Lala. Is available in the most budget-friendly price of 6990/- whereas Afrozeh and Ramsha are available for Rs 9850 and Rs. 7350/- so Lala clearly takes the lead.

If we talk about fabric quality, Afrozeh is selling unstitched lawn. Ramsha is selling Chiffon whereas Lala is selling the finest fabric Swiss Voile. Out of all the three fabrics, Swiss Voile is the most lightweight. And soft and keeps your body cool during summers.


So if you are planning to buy any new summer. Unstitched embroidered suits, we recommend to go for Vintage Swiss Voile by Lala.

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