Renault and Mobility Tech Firm EasyPark Collaborate For Automated Parking Features

Renault and Mobility Tech Firm EasyPark Collaborate For Automated Parking Features

French carmaker Renault and mobility tech company EasyPark are working together to bring the Megane E-Tech Electric with several new automated parking features. The collaboration will see the EasyPark app incorporated into the Megane E-Tech Electric, and users will be able to download it directly onto their infotainment system. While it may not be an instant hit, the new features could improve the driving experience for drivers. Renault shares declined in Wednesday’s trade.

EasyPark and e24 will collaborate to move existing e24 users to EasyPark.

In the future, automated parking features will be available on more cars. Renault and EasyPark have partnered to create an app that will be integrated into vehicles. The app is based on Android Automotive. It will be available on all Megane E-Tech Electric models, and all OpenR Link supported automobiles. EasyPark is already a partner with Volvo, Polestar, and Mercedes Benz. The Renault-built Megane E-Tech Electric will also be compatible with EasyPark.

As part of the collaboration, the two companies have developed a car app that can install in the infotainment system of the new Megane E-Tech Electric. The app will allow drivers to control automated parking features via their car’s infotainment system. The app also includes ‘Autostop,’ which automatically ends the parking session once the car leaves the spot.

The EasyPark Group is present in 25 countries and more than 3,200 cities worldwide. Its operations span Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, and Serbia. Can use its products in existing car parks as well as new ones. EasyPark’s Smart Parking Lab in Detroit is an early stage of the project, which will simulate real-world scenarios.

EasyPark and Renault collaborate to integrate the EasyPark app into the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric.

As an automaker, Renault has long partnered with Mobility Tech firm EasyPark to bring drivers automated parking features. The two companies recently announced a partnership for the EasyPark app integrated into the Megane E-Tech Electric infotainment system. The app will allow drivers to locate spaces nearby without requiring a physical parking spot. The new collaboration will provide several benefits, including automated parking for drivers who find it difficult to park in certain areas.

The new partnership aims to bring automated parking features to Megane E-Tech Electrical, Clio, and DS3. The EasyPark app is available for download in the Google Play store, for example, and will work with any OpenR Link-supported automobiles. Ultimately, EasyPark aims to revolutionize the parking experience for all automobile owners. With this partnership, the automaker will be able to deliver automated parking to millions of cars worldwide.

The latest Captur model includes a new Hands-Free Parking feature. It uses a sensor to determine if a space is available and can be steered into it with the driver’s assistance. This system also detects available parking spaces and calculates the necessary steering angle. EasyPark and Renault have made the parking experience more convenient by eliminating the driver’s input. They are launching this feature in the UK later this summer.


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