Roofing Contractors in Boston Explaining Roof Issues in Winter

Roofing Contractors in Boston Explaining Roof Issues in Winter

Winter is a season in which the importance of a roof is felt the most. The roof protects the house, people, and things inside, so keeping the roof well-maintained during the winter is vital. When homeowners hire roofing contractors in Boston, they will explain the reasons for roof damage in winter and how the staff prepares it for the colder days.

Winter Issues Explained by Roofing Contractors in Boston

When the roofing contractors visit a property and thoroughly inspect the roof’s condition. They learn about the various issues and reasons for roof damage during winter. They will explain the following reasons for roof damage during winter.

Insects and Animals Residing on the Roof

The roofing staff might notice small birds, animals, and insects residing on the roof corners. The most prominent indication of their presence is the nests and colonies. Animals, birds, and insects like squirrels, raccoons, termites, ants, and cockroaches can eat several parts of the roof and damage them.

Heavy Damage from Snowfall

The winter season brings heavy snowfall, which can cause damage to the roof if it is not cleared at the right time. The snow will apply pressure on the roof, which might bend and break from the heavy load. Another point to note is that when the snow melts, it will form into the water and cause leakage.

Formation of Ice Dams

The contractors offering roof repairs in North Shore will also inspect the presence of ice dams. These dams are formed when the snow melts and then is turned immediately into ice because of the extremely cold weather. This is another reason for roof damage.

Damage from Hail Storms

Many think snowfall and ice are the most dangerous part of the winter season. But they forget that this season also brings hail, which is the most difficult. The reason North Shore roofing companies give is that the hail can be the size of a golf ball and create holes in the roof when it hits at a high velocity.

Icicles Buildup on Roof Edges

Icicles are formed when water dripping from the roof freezes due to the cold temperature. They are spiked-shaped and can be dangerous for people, furniture, and pets under them. The roof can also be damaged because of its heavy weight.

Water Leakage into the Attic

The roofing companies, including Melo’s Construction, will thoroughly inspect the roof and attic for structural damage. This is done to check if there are cracks or tiny holes in the roof from where water and moisture could reach the attic.

How Does a Roofing Company Prepare for Winter Season?

The roofing contractors in North Shore, MA, will follow some important steps that determine the winter issues and what services they should provide to solve them. They will take the following steps for winter-season preparation.

A Thorough Inspection of the Roof

The roofing contractors will do a comprehensive inspection, looking into the reasons for roof damage. They will observe the following things mentioned in detail in the points above.

1.       The presence of birds, animals, and insects.

2.       Roof damage from snowfall.

3.       Ice dam formation.

4.       Hail storms.

5.       Icicles buildup.

Listing Down the Intensity of Damage

The next step the roofing staff will take is to note the damages and their intensity. This will help the roofers to make an accurate budget. They will observe every corner of the roof, inside and out.

Giving an Estimation of Expenses

The roofing companies will look into the roof’s age, the type installed, the damage’s intensity, the material’s cost, the labor availability, and the time spent on the services to create a budget.

Acquiring Permits and Insurance Claim

The roofing experts must help the clients with the permits and insurance claims. The permits should be gained from different departments to ensure safety is maintained. The insurance claim is important because many homeowners will be paying through it.

Providing the Right Roofing Service

After inspection, making an estimation, acquiring permits, and getting insurance claims, the roofing contractors in Boston will repair or replace the roof.

These are the roofing issues, and ways contractors can solve them during winter.

Below are three questions to explain the effects of cold weather on a roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature is too cold for a roof?

A good and durable roof should resist cold temperatures below four degrees Celsius. Homeowners should find roofing contractors in Boston who can provide extra protection to the roof.

How do you winterize a roof?

You can winterize the roof in the following ways;

1.       Unclogging the gutters and pipes.

2.       Trimming the overhanging branches.

3.       Insulation in the attic.

4.       Clearing snow, ice, hail, and water from the roof.

Why does spraying water on the roof help?

Lukewarm water on the snow and ice will help them melt into the water during the winter.

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