Russia World Cup Asian Qualifiers Korea Match Schedule and Korean Football Stream

Russia World Cup Asian Qualifiers Korea Match Schedule and Korean Football Stream

Korea will start the 2018 World Cup Asian qualifiers in Russia, starting with Myanmar. As part of Group G, Myanmar, Laos, Lebanon, and Kuwait will compete in a ranking competition to secure tickets to the World Cup in Russia. Below is the match schedule for Korea in the Asia Regional Qualifier for the World Cup in Russia.

Korea will play in the Asian region qualifiers, starting with the first match of the second match in Group G of Myanmar Republic of Korea. The match to be held in Myan Mya was held in Thailand, a third country, for the Myanmar Korean match due to a soccer riot in Oman. It’s not much of an issue. The weakest teams in Group G are Myanmar and Laos.

What are the rules of the World Cup Asian qualifiers?

The first team from 8 groups will advance to the final round, and the top 4 teams who placed second place will also be given the right to advance to the Asian final round. At the same time, the 12 teams that have passed through the second round of the preliminary round will also be given the right to automatically advance to the Asian Cup. The Asian final qualifier will be held from September 2016 to September 2017, and the first and second place teams out of 6 teams in Group A and B will secure tickets to the Russia World Cup finals. In addition, in the match between the third-placed teams in the regional qualifiers, if the winning team wins the intercontinental play-off match, the class ticket assigned to Asian soccer will be filled with 5 tickets.

Anyway, starting with today’s 해외축구중계 against Myanmar, it’s time to show the Korean men’s soccer team’s potential. We hope to record 8 wins out of 8 in the second leg of Group G. I think director Uli Stielicke can do it. The match between Myanmar and Korea will start at 9 pm on June 16, and can be viewed live through JTBC on Air or Africa TV. Meanwhile, Japan in Group E will start at 9:30 pm on the same day as Singapore. I wonder what kind of result Korea and Japan will end with today’s match. Due to the peculiarities of relations between Korea and Japan, it seems inevitable to ask questions.

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